Posted Feb 20, ’16 – Choice at the Onset of the Day


Lama Sing: When you awaken for a new day you make choices. Some of these choices are made from habit, from the conditioning of your life to that point. Pause for just a few moments prior to arising to realize that you have the right, singularly, to choose within yourself how you shall enter this day:

  • Shall you carry over some memories of the previous day? Shall you allow some emotion that has been borne for a variable length of time to be borne again in this day?
  • Or shall you pause and say, “Here am I (and state your name). I am a child of the Creator and within me is the power and right to choose. I choose peace and joy to be that which I carry before me.”

Then as you arise and go about the day, pause a moment here and there – particularly when there is some energy of opposition, some challenge – and remember your choice at the onset of the day. Let this be a light which dispels the darkness of illusion as you journey forth.

And let it be that which you, silently or through your actions, bear unto others. The greater you do this, the greater is the return to you and you will be lifted up all the more.

[given Feb 10, ’16]