Posted Feb 09, ’16 – When You Have Been Wronged

Lama Sing: Those who walked with the Master when He was called Jesus often recounted how joyful it was to be with Him. He was quick of wit and humor and could find something light to speak of even in the midst of darkness, and as He was being persecuted, His inner light gave Him the strength to endure and to choose the path of peace and love.

It is true, having the word of God within as His heritage He could have used this to repulse those who sought to persecute Him. But, if you think about this for just a moment, that would have been exactly what they wanted Him to do. And so they persisted more and more, inflicted greater and greater punishment, humiliation, and all that upon Him, and yet, the light of God within Him, His inner joy, enabled Him to endure. And even unto the last minutes of His journey in that physical body as Jesus did He call out in love that all of Consciousness in the realm of Earth might hear His request for their forgiveness.

What can you offer to a brother or sister who has wronged you?

[given Jan 22, ’16]