Posted Feb 04, ’16 – What about intent v.s. letting go and letting God?


5Questions PageFXQuestion: In seeking to make best use of the opportunity that is now before us, I am a bit confused about setting intention vs. letting go and letting God. With my conscious mind, I claim my authority as a Child of God and send forth the intention to experience certain feelings or states of being for the day ahead. I have experienced this working quite beautifully. I may be having some momentary distress and remind myself to choose what I have already sent forth, and immediately move into a joyful, peaceful place.

However, recently I had daily episodes of anxiety, cause unknown to me and not relieved by this approach or other ministrations that I know from this source and others. The suggestion that I might be ignoring communication from my “inner child” to pay attention to his desires.

Can you provide deeper understanding of this process for me and for others who might also be experiencing similar difficulties? Might such emotional discomfort actually be promptings from my Spirit trying to get through to me whenever gentler means have failed? If so, it would seem that suspending the intention to feel this or that and, rather, opening to what my Spirit is trying to tell me would be the desirable stance. I would appreciate any observations and suggestions concerning feeling states that override our heartfelt intention to be in Father’s Peace and Joy.

Lama Sing: In order to truly know one’s intent, there must come about the willingness, the choice, to surrender all and to move into that Center of Be-ing, which is within each and every one. Within this Center of Be-ing is the presence of that which is your unique Spirit in oneness with God.

Once this is attained, then this is the Center just so the same of the Authority that is gifted to you by God.

Realizing, from this Center of Be-ing, this same Authority, then the intentions that would go before you would be in harmony with all that you are, and all that your Spirit is seeking through the process of this journey in the incarnation present, your current lifetime in the Earth. This must be the best pathway to be chosen in order to find that balance between surrendering and choosing. Both are done from within, see, not from the common state of being in finiteness … for example, a reflective state that has not attained the Center of Be-ing. See?

The Inner Child you speak of is that which is the purity of your purpose, your intent, your life’s work. This is a force, in the sense of your Spirit’s energy, that goes before you in all that you are and do. Generally, you would find this force to be energizing, supportive, and not dominating in the sense of that which is chosen from the personality of self as it has evolved in the lifetime present. This Inner Child and this force, which is the native aspects of thine own Spirit, bring forth a center of energy that will respond to a condition of dis-ease, imbalance, or in some instances, pathways or choices that are not providing for the benefit of the soul and its intentions, the accomplishments, as are the works of that journey, that lifetime. See?

So, look upon this question (as you have submitted it) in this way:
First and foremost, come to know your Self in the Center of your Be-ing and claim the Stillness that is there, always awaiting your surrender to claim It. By surrender we do not mean that you are abandoning anything; we are simply intending that you are choosing, at the highest level, to know and Be this, as it is within you.

Therefore, it is, of course, (as you have stated) possible that the (quote) “Inner Child” (end quote) and its intentions, which are directly from your Spirit within, are disrupting your flow of activity in order to give you a moment’s pause to truly reflect, to truly look within, and to find: Is this, indeed, the best of all pathway for me? Am I truly about that which brings me joy and the sense of peace in the accomplishment of my day’s tasks or choices? Is this that which brings balance to the body, mind and Spirit, that I can look upon this at the conclusion of my Earth day and say, “Well done,” to myself? And if it is not, then this is a good guidance that is coming from the highest of all within Self, urging you to make a change.