Posted Feb 05, ’16 – How do we move past guilt, unworthiness, fear?

When I claim my authority as a Child of God and choose to live from this platform, I am obviously doing so with my conscious mind. What if my subconscious mind has beliefs and attitudes that are not in accord with this intent? For example, old feelings of unworthiness, guilt, shame and fear that are truly un-conscious but are nonetheless in me and broadcasting a very different claim! I know about and have participated in various therapeutic systems that purport to deal with this, most very arduous and taking many years and generally only partially successful. How can we bring healing to these dark places so that claiming our authority is done from the wholeness of our Being?

Lama Sing: We offer to you (in humble love): Are you mind or Spirit?

If you do a work from mind, have an intent from mind, the plan from mind, where do you draw those forces that the mind uses to develop that intent? From whence cometh these, if not from the subconscious, from the memories, from the emotions, and all that sort?

Go, first, within, past the mind, reminding you that the mind is the instrument of Spirit. It is that which allows the Spirit to do a work in the Earth, that is to build the nature of understanding and experience that brings that Spirit, you, into a greater understanding and more complete comprehension of the Divine gift that is within you. We say Divine because it connotes that which is eternal, lasting, and above all else. Mind interacts with that which is at its level. All too often the interaction can be influenced, buffeted, and strongly so, by the sea of mass-mind thought, not just (what you have referred to) as the subconscious thought.

It is not a task which requires intensive study nor great lengths of time to accomplish, but only the exercise of the will, that you will yourself to go beyond mind and emotion to seek that Sacred Place within you where the Stillness pervades all, where the sense of Completeness is so stunningly present that a feeling of joy sweeps all throughout the consciousness of Self and reverberates back to you from the great Consciousness, which is the Word of God.

We honor you, once again: Do not do with the mind; Be with the Spirit. Let the Spirit be that light which guides you through these experiences and the sea of consciousness that is so defined and so conditioned in the realm of Earth, that that light of Spirit reveals these things for what they are. And as they are revealed to you, you can look upon them with ease and call them by name. And the moment that you do, you are the master of them, not as relates to others but as these, all of them, relate to you.

Do not believe that you have failed and that all of these methods, teachings, techniques, and so forth have not served you. For everything that you do, every action and experience that you have, can be placed in a foundational position within you and looked upon with a nod of affirmation and gratitude.

Remember the Law of God’s Grace. If you call upon this and enact it, all of these things are placed into the simplicity of their source, part and parcel of the colors of God’s Word, molded into various shapes and patterns, intended to influence others by the consciousness that has gone before you. See?

[given Jan 31 ’16]