Posted Feb 05, ’16 – Violence and the Promise


Lama Sing: It is difficult to explain to some who will hear of our words and our sharing with you, how can such violence and conflict, such destruction, be considered to be at the hands of a brother or sister. And the fact that we do not judge them for their actions is perhaps also puzzling to them. But the truth is a lifetime in the Earth, a century or two, is only a footprint. And that footprint is in a tiny facet of the choices of the Children of God to experience in definition.

The vastness of Consciousness is ever unfolding and embracing, and those same souls who are perpetuating these actions are a part of this beautiful Consciousness; it is only their current choice, perhaps dreamlike if you will, to move into these experiences that they, by the actions of their own hands –  horrendous, as judged in the Earth of course – but by those actions they come to know the magnificence of who and what they are.

Contrast. Contrast builds understanding. And as the understanding grows, the power of the choice becomes realized. In the realization of this inner power that each of you has, the greatest of all is the choice to claim Freedom. And that is God’s greatest gift.

The Promise is bringing a light to show you these choices within.

It is not a light that seeks to vanquish, to conquer, or to create a kingdom in the Earth.

It is a light that comes from the very love within existence itself. And in the Promise is woven all potential and this, quite simply, means there is no mandate. There is only a magnificent offering: that all might choose to know themselves, and in the knowing of self, know one another.


[given Jan 21, ’16]