Posted Feb 04, ’16 – A Potential Awaiting Humankind

Lama Sing: All of the energies of Consciousness, all of the energies of life itself, are at a highpoint, a high tide as mentioned previously. And that has the potential to cleanse what was and leave the opening for what might be.

But as with any such beautiful heightened cycles of energies, there will be the movement of these energies into other courses, other expressions. It will not be, as such, an ending in the manner as often referred to, but a choice of whether to:

  • remain in the finite, or
  • move into the infinite, or
  • change the way one remains in the finite, that the greater joy and happiness of all can begin to be woven into a time of profound peace.

All of this and greater is the potential that awaits humankind. See?

[given Jan 22, ’16]