Posted Feb 03, ’16 – A Part of the Gift

Lama Sing: Within Consciousness there are many different gifts that are in motion. When these as energy cycles come together, they heighten the potential for change. Such eras, or epochs as they might be called, bring forth the awareness of those who are within that “time period.” They find themselves awakening to the knowing that they are greater than simply a physical body moving about on the surface of the planet Earth.

As this realization comes to them they begin to question. They begin to look within. They look for the Silence in their mind, that they can find a place of refuge from the busy-ness of the transitional illusions that seem to call to them in daily life.

As one measures the highlights of a journey in such an incarnation, it is always at the terminus of such an incarnation that the true value is found, values that has brought a sense of joy within. During these current heightened cycles of energies and consciousness there is the greater opportunity to find these well before the conclusion of your journey called life in the Earth. And that, you see, is a part of the blessing of the Promise … a profound gift to those of you who would choose it.

[given Jan 21, ’16]