Posted Feb 27, ’16 – Will Mary return as a female Christ?

Question: According to what you have given, Mary is the twin soul of Jesus. Will Mary take on the position in the Earth as a female Christ figure?


Lama Sing: A moment, please, we are seeking …

There is no indication of this as being intended, but the presence of Her works and her personage (as you would call it) in spirit and otherwise, as given above.

The Master will fulfill the Promise in the manner as it was given and will open the way for each of you to claim the Promise individually within yourselves.

In this time of (quote) “preparation” (end quote) you can make yourselves ready for that potential. It is not to imply that one cannot, in the moment, claim and be ready. It is, rather, that the moreso you can prepare and make self Awakened, the greater is your gift to others and to the Promise. And that is, see, what you and many have chosen to do previous to entry. Is it not so?

[given Feb 10, ’16]