Posted Feb 27, ’16 – Besieged


Al: I thought about Lama Sing’s use of the word “besieged” in the column, A Distinct Moment of Choice, remembering how my day started as I read.

When I awoke the sun was streaming in through the window and the beauty of it shifted me into a peaceful place within. I thought about Lama Sing’s encouragment to pause and choose what we want to carry through the day and, after some silence and a few prayers, I sat up thinking of peace and joy and focusing only on that.

When I came out of the bedroom to see Susan already happily about her day, my joy overflowed like an inner fountain. Then as the day progressed, “information” and associated emotional stimulations began and memories of things to do mingled with the “new” information of this day.

By the time I sat down to write this column, I felt Lama Sing’s use of the word “besieged” fit pretty well … not as an army would put a city under siege but the continual sometimes invisible flow of information, emotion, and memory that most everyone deals with each day.

“Wow,” I thought, “I’m going to lay down and reflect on this” …  you know, center myself.

I did and I’m back writing this column again. But now I truly realize how profound the guidance is in this Lama Sing column. I have my inner feeling of peace and joy back again. Sure, lots of information and emotional energies are dancing around the periphery of my consciousness wanting to “come in,” but the realization that I, only I, have the keys to that doorway of my mind and heart brought a smile.

Take Lama Sing’s words to heart and look at yourself as I did. If you see such a siege around you, I hope you’ll take some time to gift your best friend — you —  with the right of choice and free yourself.