Posted Feb 20, ’16 – A Footprint of Your Soul’s Progression


Lama Sing: As you exercise the use of your choice, your right to choose, you begin to understand the potential that you have to control all that you are: It is your choice of how you think, what you say, who you are, that will result in what you experience.

It is also that which shall fashion the nature of your current journey into a composite, a collection, if you will, that will reflect a footprint of your soul’s progression into knowing Self.

And when your current lifetime is complete the sum of this shall be what will follow, and you will then use this to make your choices as to what you shall encounter, what you shall experience, in the Beyond.

And so we might point to this as perhaps a very important reason to maximize your use of this opportunity (lovingly given).

[given Feb 10, ’16]