Posted Feb 19, ’16 – What of Those with Different Beliefs?


5Questions PageFXQuestion:  You have given that Christ will appear in various forms according to various beliefs of people, that they would recognize this Christ spirit. Would you please give some more on this for greater understanding?

Lama Sing: Of course. A moment please …

Within each soul – each Child of God, each son and daughter of the Creator – there exists that spark of Love that has made your presence possible within the vast sea of Consciousness. It is this Love, this spark of Life that is referred to as the Spirit called Christ. And when you, any one of you, choose to awaken to the Knowing of this, you will have empowered yourself to be, in that incarnation wherein you choose to so do, a true Child of God.

Now the Spirit, when we speak of the man called Jesus or Jesus the Christ is the Spirit that is within all of you. He has claimed this at the onset of his awakening and bears it forth even now. Some of the others have done somewhat the same, and so those whom you follow in different beliefs, religions, ideologies, and so forth, each of these bears that spirit called Christ within. If you prefer to refer to this Spirit with a different name or in different terminology, that is your right of choice. And if you look to one who has awakened that Spirit within them, and the light of the Creator shines through them and their works, then this is that which shall awaken when the Promise is manifest in the Earth for you.

What you hold within and that which you cleave unto is that which is being offered to you and that coming forth called The Promise.

The separations, the boundaries, the limitations, the divisions, the points of demarcation – that this religion begins here and another there, and these are the qualities and not over there – are all facets of the journey in the realm called Earth. These enable you to gain perspective.

But when your lifetime is completed, you will realize that we are all one and of the same Creator. See?


[given Feb 19, ’16]