Posted Feb 13, ’16 – The Gift of Choice

Lama Sing: As one has the knowing and understanding of the current times in the Earth as being profound, there may come to the forefront, “What am I to do with this opportunity? How shall I proceed? What should be my thinking, my intentions, my works? Shall I abandon all and seek only my oneness with my Creator? In what manner shall I proceed?”

You can of course as always, dear brothers and sisters, go within and find that which will answer directly from the Source to you. But we shall in this meeting and in those which follow attempt to offer you perspective, understanding, and suggestions, joining with you as we do that we might become one in the intent to maximize the blessings to each of us, as individuals and as a group, in this time of wondrous opportunity to awaken.


When one contemplates the word or term Promise, there is the understanding of some expectancy of something that has said shall come to pass. And in this instance the Promise was made by the Creator in the beginning, that you shall have the opportunity to explore and know yourselves, each of you, to be the Children of the Creator … God, if you will. And in the opportunity to know yourself, there exists the gift called Choice. And it is perhaps here that we shall with this meeting to explore, “What shall we do with choice and why.” …


[given Feb 10, ’16]