Posted Feb 12, ’16 – Near the Veil of Separateness

Al: In my experiences near the “veil of separateness” I have observed the crossing of many souls from life in the Earth to the Beyond. No matter how many times I am privileged to be present, it is always an awesome and humbling experience.

One of the most frequent reactions I’ve seen is surprise. They know their body is “gone” and yet they still exist. The joy and excitement of this realization is probably best defined as a lovely burst of sound and light. It is an unforgettable event to witness.

Some souls cross over fighting to stay in their physical consciousness of the lifetime just concluded, refusing to believe they are no longer physical. Sometimes they do this by immersing themselves in past memories so intensely that they become unconscious. It is like they are in a deep dream. Many of these, if their spirit is willing, can be tenderly moved to a place in Consciousness where they remain until they are ready to let go and move on.

Others who refuse to let go of Earthly desires may remain close to the Earth, and are referred to as “Earth-bound,” until something such as the prayers of others is able to reach through to them encouraging them to let go and move on. When they are ready, those who are always with them,  who know and love them, are there to lift them up.

When a person such as this gentle man nears death, a clear pathway between “worlds” opens for them to cross over. Someone present during this might feel an effect from this higher energy, as was the case with the attendant whose sincerity of service opened them to this Spiritual experience.