Posted Feb 12, ’16 – A Short Story: Into the Promise

Lama Sing:  A gentle man is lying upon a bed in the last moments, minutes if you will, of a journey in the Earth plane, a lifetime, and an attendant comes to him and asks, “Is there anything that you wish? May I serve you in some way?”

And as though awakening from a dream the gentle man smiles upon the attendant with his eyes, and the attendant is touched by this, seeing something that is greater than anticipated; not the weariness of a man at the conclusion of his life within the Earth, but a light of some sort that is shining through his very eyes.

Softly, he speaks. “Thank you, for your kindness. I shall remember you and send you many blessings.” After a moment, he closes his eyes and his journey is complete.

The attendant feels the tingling all throughout their body. It is as though they, too, had been drawn through some veil of separateness to feel along with this gentle man something that lies beyond.

The attendant by way of the gentle man has, in those moments, known The Promise.


[given Feb 10, ’16]