Posted Feb 12, ’16 – Please tell us about the return of Mary


5Questions PageFXQuestion:  In the reading 19860603 you stated: “Where the master dwells, Mary dwells. Where the perfection and ascension of the Christ is found, as there shall be the return of the master there shall be the return of Mary. And like as not several footsteps in advance of him.”

Please tell us about the return of Mary, the mother of Jesus. How shall Mary return? Will she come in the same way as the master? How many years ahead of him?

Lama Sing: Very well, a moment please …

She is among you even as we speak, as are those who journey with Her always, just as there are those who journey with the Master always.

Our Lady is in varying forms dependent upon the good works She is about, and these are as a part of the preparation of the Way and in answer to Her pledge to serve; not as a pledge that is a mandate upon Her, but as a word spoken that opens the way that She may serve as She chooses.

Think on this as you hear these words when next you consider a pledge: Her pledge endows her with the right of passage, in a manner of speaking. This is not to imply that this is required of her. It is to point to our Lady’s love and compassion in all things. And so, as She made the pledge, a passageway opened for She and those with Her to answer the calls of those who are in need.

In some instances, She has appeared in a form along with others. In most instances, She has been present spirit to spirit. By this we mean in answer to a cry from within.

She is often found among the children, the young ones; not because She considers these in a different way than those who are more aged, but rather because these are part of the Master’s choice for Her to serve and His love.

There are those who are infirmed and diseased, wounded, and in the process of death of the physical body … many of these are attended by She and Her Maidens and the others.

So to answer your question, there is already Her presence. As has been foretold, the way is being prepared for Him to enter.

How might you encounter Mary? This you see, dear sister, is in accordance with your own choices. What would there be as a veil of separateness between you and She, if anything? Only you can answer this and no one else should attempt to answer it for you, for as you answer it, She will answer you. See?


[given Feb 10, ’16]