Posted Feb 05, ’16 – Violence and the Promise

Al: As Lama Sing said, it may be difficult to grasp such a Love as is present in Consciousness, where there is no judgement even for the most horrific of acts by one against another.

If you are a parent, no matter what your child might do, you still love them. You may not love their actions, but your love for them always remains to the end. Even this is a shallow comparison to the Love I have experienced in journeying with Lama Sing. The Love that flows from our Creator sweeps across the illusions, giving life where life has been taken, giving hope where none seems possible. It is a Love that endures all and judges nothing.

I have journeyed into realms of darkness inhabited by souls who have committed acts so despicable that for eons they could not face the light because they didn’t believe they were worthy.  Then, in a moment of despair, they would cry out, and again and again I have personally witnessed such souls in the darkness of their own guilt receive instant forgiveness and love, and watched the glory of that love emerge from a shell of illusion that was based upon some act or action that that soul was holding.

These souls who had committed such horrible acts made a choice and called out, and many of these are now shining examples of God’s Love, journeying forth to gift others with the same love and forgiveness they themselves received. This is what Lama Sing means by “they come to know the magnificence of who and what they are.”