Posted Feb 01, ’16 – When One Speaks of the Promise

Lama Sing: When one speaks of the Promise, as we have in past, we are referring to the intention of our Brother, Jesus the Christ, who has often returned to the realm called Earth to offer His blessings and the opportunity for those who could hear His words and see His actions to know themselves to be one with Him. And in the knowing of this, to realize that the limitations that are or were present are those which can be overcome by the claiming of the inner Light, the inner power, which is as to say the very Word of God that has created you, each one.

The Promise is not an intangible thing. It is a real thing, in the sense that it is an intention and, as one has an intention, this is a thoughtform. In other words, it has energy, it has power, and it endures so long as there are those who claim it and believe unto it. This is so with the Promise from the Master.

[given Jn 21, ’16]