Posted Nov 28, ’16 – Will we be aware of Mary?

: Jesus is calling those who are His*. Since Mary is His twin soul, what part will She play in the return of Christ consciousness? Will we be aware of Her presence and the way she is participating? She is an honored figure in the Muslim faith. Will they also be aware of Her presence?

[* An important note: When Lama Sing uses the term “those who are chosen”, this is never meant to include some and exclude others. Always Lama Sing has said those who choose are those who are/will be chosen; those who are His are those who choose Him.]

Lama Sing: She is, of course, already participating, as has been given in the past. But to reiterate just briefly, She and those with Her are tending the fallen, the dis-eased, those who are lost in the loneliness of their own heart, where the heart has no love and has nothing to give to others. Here, Mary and the Maidens seek to fill the void of such souls who have empty hearts, that they may know the glory of Love Itself, as God is continually offering it to them.

They may know of Her presence in the manner as you are asking your question, but this is dependent upon whether or not She and those with Her would choose to have it known in that sense. Rather, it is Her nature to stand behind, just a bit, the Master, and to serve in accordance with that which is a silent gift of love wherever it is needed. So it is possible, yes, where there are those who are Awakened and have Knowing, these might see Her, these might know of Her presence. See?

[given Nov 18, ’16]