Posted Dec 08, ’16 – Where did Mary go afterwards?


Question: In one of the Selah readings it was mentioned that the disciple who promised took Mary away to distant lands. Did some of the Maidens and Apostles go with her and remain with her during the last part of her life? What was her life like without Jesus and away from the Essene Community

Lama Sing: Very well. A moment, please …

This is a considerable span of your measure of time that we are speaking to here. So, hold that in consideration as you reflect upon our comments that follow.

Several of the maidens, and he who was chosen by the Master, and a number of others, journeyed with our Lady to bring her to varying places for purposes of imparting the Sacred Truth through those places, those lands, and to impart the seeds of the hope for the future in those lands and in that consciousness that would be found in those lands. Here, specifically, we find some of the English Isles were, in a manner of speaking, given these seeds and temples, and repositories were built in order to preserve the sanctity of these teachings and this Truth.

Then, in the final days in Turkey, or thereabouts, there were those who guarded Her and brought Her unto every need, and fulfilled the Promise that the Master asked of he—namely John, the beloved—to take watch of the Mother who was to be considered at this point his own. Here there were maidens, yes, but they were not the Holy Maidens, for these had returned, all of them, back to the Holy Lands where their various works were to continue according to the plan and the teachings therein.

As such then, Mary’s works were to give the realization of the Truths that had been given to Her through the Angelic Host and through the Master, that that Truth could be used for the various works that were to follow and are yet present in these locales in your current time. These will begin to be awakened moreso and moreso in the current and immediate future as a part of the return of the Promise. And as such, then, there will be experiences of sightings of Mary and those with Her that will support and bring … you would call this potency, power, to the presence of Her word, Her name.

As one finds the prayer of Mary brought to the forefront in many religious ceremonies, then it is good for self to consider, here and there, to do something similar. For as you use Her name in your works, just as you would use the Master’s name, the Christ, you invoke the sum of the energies that were imparted all throughout the varying lands, but that have grown as seeds of consciousness would grow just so as any seed would grow.

So, the summation of this, then, is to realize that Mary’s presence is, indeed, a part of the return of the Promise and will be found in many of the reports of miraculous activities; some attributed to Her, some attributed to Her and Her colleagues. But the relationship between them will continue and will be awakened more and more. You should find, relatively soon, some clear indication of Her presence in healing works. See?

[given Nov 18, ’16]