Posted Dec 19, ’16 – Exciting Changes in Meditation

Unsolicited thoughts popping up in the midst of meditation has long been a common challenge for many, but I’m excited that this is changing. People are reporting that such previously unsolicited thoughts are being displaced now by strong and enduring feelings of joy and/or a vast peacefulness — both of which are expanding for them.

I believe that the keys to these accomplishments are the beautiful energies associated with the Promise. As we more and more accept the presence of the Promise, we are being gifted with the loving energies preceding it. Those who are applying these energies — with steadfast dedication to their Intent — are making breakthroughs that some have been working on for years.

Some members are experiencing unique energies primarily around the head and neck area. Without knowing that others are experiencing the energies in similar ways, they are describing it as feeling somewhat “electrical” in nature, increasing in intensity and frequency the more they dedicate themselves in their meditational efforts and open to the powerfully unique energies of these times.

Here’s one description: “It’s as though I have a crown of gentle stimulating energies moving about my head and neck area.” Another description: “Like mild electric energy around my head.”  Yet another: “It’s a feeling of tingling over my entire body that just makes me feel good all day.”

What are the energies of the Promise doing for you?