Posted Aug 07, ’16 – Your Authority as a Child of God


LAMA SING: Many of you are attaining an awareness of Consciousness that you have long sought after: sone of you have truly begun to realize that you are the power, the authority, over this journey. In spite of the outer manifestations as might befall the physical, you are the greater authority in the sense that you command the result.

When one looks upon the physical and clings to this, they have limited their authority; when the physical is seen for what it truly is, the accouterments of a journey in finiteness, then one can go beyond this and realize that these have been created of spirit and then directed and constructed in the literal sense as a thought-form via mind and emotion.

Thus, be ever aware that you have this authority. As you do, you will come to look upon such things in accordance with an eternal stature. You are the master of all that befalls you. If it is a house that has burned down or washed away or struck by violent storms, it is only that and that alone. Your reaction to any happenstance in the Earth is based upon the nature of who and what you are within. If you claim the authority of your being a Child of  God, you know the transient nature of all of these things; not to carry the results, not to hold the judgments, but to realize that as you see any such action occurring, you realize that there is to follow another opportunity perhaps even greater than the former.

The point of all of this is, quite simply, that you are the authority. You decide the result that you will carry forward from any such action. If an action is perpetuated against you that has an impact upon your spirit, your choice of how to dwell within that action illustrates the authority and the power that you have as a Child of God.


[given Jun 2, ’16]