Posted Aug 29, ’16 – With God, In First Consciousness


AL: I did a Journey a couple days ago, and once I was free from the finite bonds of Earth, I asked my guide, Zachary, to take me to the “Beginning” — that moment of first Consciousness, when I first came into BE-ing. I wanted to know what that felt like, and what it felt like in the moments before I came into Being. I thought that if I could experience that, that it couldn’t help but change my life dramatically in a way that I could then better serve others.

Embraced by the beautiful Living Darkness of the Cloak of God, something that’s become like an old Friend in all these readings, there was nothing external to measure my movement by into the Heart of God.

Throughout that movement I had the feeling of letting go of thoughts, emotions, memories, and essences having to do with finite existence. I was releasing my current physical incarnation, as I sought to reclaim my Freedom in its original state.

It wasn’t as though aspects of me were being jettisoned as I moved deeper into Consciousness, but more like the truth of their transient nature was being revealed more and more as I progressed into the wondrous innermost depths of Pure Consciousness. I saw the structure of emotion in brilliant clarity: that emotion itself was the substance from which my mind and choices had fashioned all my experiences, indeed, my entire lifetime. All of this seemed to burst into colorful little particles, and then, poof! They were gone.


I felt the sweet Glory of God.

There were no judgements, no conditions, only a Love that embraced every particle and aspect of me. I knew that it was this Glory — God’s Peace and Love — that had empowered me to be able to release the past, to free myself from all subtle bonds of this lifetime.

Then it happened … I heard God beautifully say,

“Come closer.”

For a moment, I pondered what He meant, for it seemed as though I was side by side with Him. Then I remembered an experience a number of years ago, and I understood: He was inviting me to release everything, every last vestige that was left of “me”. Because of that earlier experience, I knew how to do this and so I did. And, in that purity, I was swept up into a state of “not-being” and was One with God. 

As incredible as this sounds, I saw and knew as God does! I Knew the unlimited joy and explosive beauty of Creation. It was unfolding before us, ever- increasing the Glory of God as His Word billowed forth into the All of Pure Potential. And I was experiencing it.

Together, we gazed across the unending vastness of Creation, God and I. And then we moved out into It, flowing majestically and joyfully through the colors, and sounds, the vibrations and essences, all of it unbound, unlimited, along with the ever-present knowing of all that was yet to be expressed somewhere out there at the edge of Pure Potential

As I look back at it all and attempt in this feeble way to share it with you, I realize that when God took me out into Consciousness to experience It with Him, it was as though He was assembling the things He knew brought me joy, intrigued me, filled me with wonder, touched me to the core of my being with Love, and He put them all together knowing I would forever carry these with me, as me, and …

I was born.