Posted Aug 29, ’16 – How can I look at evil and not feel evil?

: There is such violence in the world. How can I look at evil and not feel it in my heart?

Lama Sing: Know this: Before the ashes of the structures which fell [in the 9/11 event] had cooled, our Lord walked among them, searching for the souls of the hijackers equal to His search for those innocent victims. He… loveth… them… both.

It is not the deed that is done that is at the root of that which needs change. Yes, the deed can be adjudged, and righteously so, by the laws of the land. But where are the seeds of that which are given forth as the fruits of intent. Look to these, see?

Those who are striving through prayer and other such works are offering new seeds of hope. One prayer is equal to many weapons. One act of forgiveness can free a city, if that act of forgiveness has no reservation. See?

Life is precious in the Earth. It is a gift. It is an offering of God, for all that exists, exists as an offering of God that the manifold journeys of the Children of God might be filled with opportunity… to know self, and to discover and to recognize the nature of self in others and come to realize, as it was in the beginning so shall it be in the ending: We are one. See?