Posted Aug 28, ’16 – Honing Self for “The Way”


Lama Sing:

*  It is uncomplicated, straightforward: If you Know Love, if you Know Peace, if you Know Faith, then any question that comes about the actions of another brother or a sister must be seen through those. The emotions of the Earth are the energies of creation itself, and because it is believed that these can be used to destroy or “un-create” something, the actions of many people are based upon that premise … which is, of course, not True.

*  It is curious in some ways that some souls can shift their BE-ing to believe that this is all there is, that they close down their Eternal Sight, their Eternal sensory mechanisms, and focus only on those that work in the finite realm.

*  The greater is one’s faith, the greater is the potential of using that faith in action, word, or deed.

*  It is well to remember the magnificent power of forgiveness, as it is used in the realm of Earth. [thundering in the background] It is as though it is a mechanism by which one can break chains that bind entities into limitation.

*  And if you cannot understand what a brother or sister might be doing with their gift of life, remember, this is but a moment in the totality of their experiences. And if they are using it in a manner that is offensive to you, then it is you who is in need of work not they. Born of God holds no such energy; only love.

You may find that you are not pleased by, there is no joy in, the actions of another. But do not carry these things. If you observe them, do so side by side with God, for He is observing one of His Children! Who is it that you are observing?

Would you call a brother or a sister heinous, criminal, or any such? No! You might call their action (by the judgment and standards of the realm of expression in the consciousness in which they are dwelling) to be such, but not they.

[given Aug 26, ’16]