Posted Aug 02, ’16 – Non-Separateness and the Christ Spirit

LAMA SING: In the Earth realm, there is the sense of separateness between spirit, mind, and body, when in truth there is no such separateness.

When one believes that there is no separateness the eternal nature of your being comes to the forefront and then a sense of peacefulness that is all-pervading. In other words there is no place within or without your being that this Peace does not exist, and this then becomes the pathway upon which your service in prayer with God may follow a call and answer it.

In the answering of a prayer from such a nature of being where there is no separateness in your consciousness, in your mind, in your spirit, you see these all as merely aspects. Then that which is the beauty of God’s Grace will flow through you to answer a call before you.

In your current time, the beauty of the Christ Spirit awakening across all the lands will make this path possible for you, each one, requiring only that it be chosen, claimed.


[given Jun 2, ’16]