Posted Aug 08, ’16 – How do I deal with anger from a loved one?

: Lama Sing, you say anger can be as hurtful as a weapon, as a gun or a bomb (in a message from April 2, 2016), particularly when aimed at someone. I love someone who responds so often with anger. But I do not think I am attracting like. I am often silent, lest I elicit an angry reaction, though we both follow the words of Lama Sing. I need help finding a way through his rage. What words can I use or say to diffuse anger?

Lama Sing: In the beginning of each Earth day, state to self:

I, in the presence of Your Spirit, Father, move forth into this day. All that comes unto me I bless in the presence of Your Spirit, knowing that as I do, You are gifting that experience, that event, those individuals, with Your Love and Compassion.

You cannot, as you already know, confront this. It is far the better to allow it to simply pass you by, as you have been. And even though there are moments when this might sting a bit, this is a good opportunity to find something of joy to remember that will counter and bring a state of brilliance to the forefront.

You are the master of this lifetime. You have chosen it. You have known the potentials within it. And no one can take the blessings therein away from you. So this one’s anger, or rage as you call it, is only the outburst of one who is struggling to come to know themselves. And the best of all ways to interact with one like this is to assure, as we gave, at the onset of the day that you strengthen the awareness of Self as you begin the journey through the Earth day. Your spirit has the power to reach out to their spirit, and at the level of spirit seek to doeth the Work. What Work? Love them. See?


[given Jun 2, ’16]