Posted Aug 18, ’16 – Rebochiem and James


AL: The points given in the Lama Sing Message of August 18 were actually given by two of my dearest friends who had recently crossed over — Victor in April and Jim in June.

Susan and I had shared so much with these two friends and their wives, but Jim and Victor were two of the closest friends I’ve ever had. It might make sense to you then that I not infrequently wondered why neither of them had made contact with me in a reading or meditation. My meditations about them had been peaceful, if not joyful, so I knew that whatever it was that they were about, “all was well” so to say. Still, after all the years of works and good times we’d shared, some contact seemed overdue! I laughed at such thoughts because I know better; if there was reason for them to make contact, they would. Actually, there was a time a few weeks ago when I turned to see Jim standing beside me enjoying the magnificence of the bay from our 8th floor Florida condo. He looked vibrant, with that sparkle that he always had. It was so real. The difference was that he just glowed from within … a beautiful silver-blue soft radiance. But there was his smile, unmistakable!

Anyway, I decided I would do a reading to specifically “find” them and be sure they knew I was giving them an opportunity to speak with us, their wives, and the group. My first attempt at the reading that night was not successful. Among other issues, I experienced difficulty with my throat and speaking voice, so I was “sent back”. But I was determined to follow through that night. Lama Sing always urges us all to claim our authority as Children of God, but for me specifically as a channel going through the “turf” of mass-mind thought, Lama Sing has always told me this claiming is paramount if I am to get the clearest highest and best information. So as I approached this reading again, I paused to reaffirm — I Am a Child of God —and that I was utterly in Oneness with my dear friends, our path, and the Creator. Once I made the connection with Lama Sing and Zachary (my constant companion and guide), I “let go” completely.

I first observed Victor off some “distance”, as though we were back in our old study groups, with him on the other side of the room quiet and deep in contemplation. He seemed somewhat seriously involved with a group, and while he was aware of me and the opportunity of the reading, he remained exchanging with that group until a lot of individuals began “arriving” to participate in the group consciousness of the reading. Among them were many from the Essenes times, of which Victor had been a revered teacher (aka Rebochiem) in the School of the Prophets. When he saw the group gather, he turned and looked at me, and then moved close to participate with us. His ambience had softened. He became the dear friend I’d just shared a lifetime with, and from that point on we exchanged on a very personal level.

This is a complex event to try to share in words. So much was going on.

It felt to me that Jim was waiting for me and this reading. When I arrived with Zachary, Lama Sing, and a number of others, Jim (aka Apostle James) was there with a few others. Together, we all moved to the group that included old Essene colleagues and friends, including, of course, Jesus (who is always integral to these readings).

Though, as always, the group gathered with Lama Sing would add their consciousness, the points given in the reading of August 5 were given most specifically by Victor/Rebochiem and Jim/James. This was a very unusual event. …

Here I am, doing the same kind of reading I’ve done for 43 years, and now I make contact with not one but two of my closest friends, who then proceed to, in essence, give the entire reading. To be clear about this, I’m not out there looking for aunts and uncles for people; this was a personal experience very meaningful to me. I hope it is at least on some level meaningful for you as well.