Posted Aug 18, ’16 – Little Messages to You for These Times


  • There is no one who will be left behind[1]. There are those who will choose and will take journeys that lead them elsewhere, but only by their choice.


  • There will be a repetition of some of the activities as went before [2000 years ago], but only to the extent to awaken those souls who can’t seem to remember or can’t seem to believe what they remember (rather humorous from here, you see).
  • There is only one Truth, and that is that God Is. In the realization that God Is, all religions, all belief structures, can be found.
  • You are the Children of God, and what you bring forward is a gift to yourself and to others. This is a Truth that could be considered sacred.
  • It’s important for all of you who are in some form of service – whether that is service in the sense of the traditional medical community, the metaphysical community, the philosophical, the psychological, and on, and on – don’t hang too much of who you are upon what you have gathered in your training. Rather, look to who you are in the total sense. See the Uniqueness of your Being as that which is at the forefront of what you have to offer.
  • All of existence is based upon the nature of what you can discern that is about you. Think about that for a moment, what you can discern … If you shift from attempting to discern something and simply open yourself to feel and to know and be, you will very quickly shift the power of your knowing to a harmony with the field you are studying, the forces you are interacting with, and you will become one, very quickly, with the Spirit of God in the many expressions that are found in and about the Earth, to name just a few.
  • You can’t seat yourself and expect someone to bring to you that which you are seeking. Why  would that be? Look at all these beautiful souls gathered about here. They’d all like to be of some service. Why doesn’t one or two of them bring that which you are seeking to you? …
    Why do you think that is?
    Well, you already have what you are seeking. What you are looking for is someone to reflect it to you, someone to help you believe what you have.
  • What is different about this particular time? What is different?
    That which is different is that the Christ wishes to embrace you as His own; that you and He might become one; and that where you are, He is seen, and where He is seen, you are.
  • The structure of separateness was created as an adventure – to say the least – by those who chose to use the Earth as a realm of understanding. And so, here we are: at the point where that understanding can be accomplished
  • How many sunsets will it take to make you Complete?
    How many twilights will fulfill you?
    How many births of new souls entering the Earth do you wish to experience in order to feel Complete?
    How many people need to tell you that they love you in order for you to believe that you are loved?
    And last, and most importantly perhaps, which way is the direction to Home?


  • Who is the master of your life? Who is in charge of what you are or who you are? You can think your way through a challenge, an obstacle. You can work out a solution to an algebraic equation. You can find a solution, chemically speaking, between elements. You can build a device that will provide a response to a desired outcome, and you can do all these things and greater. You do them, not because you have a toolbox with a big hammer in it that you use to do this and a wrench that you use to do that and screwdrivers and all those sorts of implements that enable you to do these things. You have, rather, no toolbox. You have the beauty of your Spirit, expressing itself through the Mind. You are the Mind of God.
  • All of the things that you used to look at with question: How can we say that the mind is the creative instrument of Spirit when we can’t even prove that Spirit exists? Well, you have a lot of things there that you can’t prove exist, and yet you’re using them every day.
  • Travel all about. Go and look at things really old, just antiquity, look at the structures and wonder at how they ever managed to construct something of such potential in a time when they had no real equipment, no machines, no motors (at least unless you want to go back to the Atlantean times) … a monument that defies description if you don’t have a tool with which to build it. Where are the cranes? Where are the forklifts? You know? Where are the stone saws that can polish a surface to such a brilliant hue? Somehow they did it, and they did it because they wanted to. …
    And that sort of points to the fact that, if you want to do something strong enough, you can probably do it. If that’s true with a beautiful cathedral, a monument, a grand castle, a bridge, and on and on, what about Self?
  • If you want to be Free, set everything you have Free.
    Make it personal. Take it very personally: What’s holding you back from being a beautiful Child of God that dazzles all who behold you?
  • We encourage each of you to claim the Authority of your right as a Child of God to step forward and manifest. Be. Express the Beauty of who and what you are. We anticipate this will continue and expand because it is that time for it to so do.
  • God has a message here for all of you: I love you.

[1]Left Behind – refers to a popular series of books that gained a large following of believers in the concept that true believers in Christ will be taken to heaven, whereas those “non-believers” would be “left behind”.

[2]Victor and James gave most all of this reading. To find out who these two individuals are and how this unusual event came about, read Al’s Column of August 18, ’16.

[given Aug 5, ’16]