Posted Aug 10, ’16 – How Not to Be Impacted While Serving Another


A New Understanding for the Meaning of ‘Grounding’

LAMA SING: Heightened energies are bringing in the opportunity for many souls to awaken … to claim the potential that is their uniqueness.

Grounding self is important because spirit, mind, and body must function in harmony in the realm in which they are serving. That harmony comes into fruition, into being, by the claiming of your right of Being.

Grounding is claiming your right to BE. 

Pause to reflect on who You are. What do we mean by who You are? Not by the name given to you, not by the relationship to your mate or your friends or colleagues, but who You are in terms of Eternity.

Find in your meditation that place of Peace that is beyond word, beyond thought, beyond that which is commonly sought after by many, but is the utter, pure Peace that comes when one reaches Consciousness; where there is no force that needs, that all forces are in perfect balance and ease. Flow with this energy, this beautiful, pure energy of (capital C) Consciousness.

What’s needed is a grounding into the Earth, but not in the sense that so many think of this. You are Spirit, claiming your right of dominion in the Earth.

You have the right to be in the Earth
and to claim your Authority as a Child of God while you dwell there. 

What we see on numerous occasions is the expression of your love, reaching out in service. If you are going to continue to serve it would be important to do so without the personality or the energies of emotion that are self-involved. Reflect on this. Meditate on it. Approach them as you would approach any task that is not involving another soul. In other words, to paint a wall, to wash a dish, you do these things, but you do not have your emotion, you do not have your physical entity as a part of the life that is being given to that work.

Grounding, see? Making self Complete. 

You can observe whatever another entity – whether it is a loved one, or one who is a casual acquaintance – is going through. But learn to see this, not to be it, not to become a part of it. The greater service is the well-grounded Spirit that is you, coming to engage in such activities, energies, emotions, dis-eases or what have you, and approaching them from the viewpoint that:

You are not the participant. You are an observer.

When one is seeking to ground themself,
they are seeking to claim the Righteousness of God in all realms, which is pure Truth.
When one is grounded, they are in the base situation of Being.
What this means is that wherever you have chosen to be is a foundation for the Eternal Self to be
– not a part of you, not just a segment of who you are  –
but grounding means that you are building a Completeness of self wherever you are
so that you are the same in that deep meditation upon the rock
as you are walking through a crowd at a merchandise center.

When you are working with the grounding and you feel something, don’t even bother to look at it, to discern what it is but, first, turn to your grounding:

  • Pause.
  • Close your sensory mechanisms – your sight, your hearing, your feeling, all of that.
  • And take just a few moments to remember the Peace of Pure Consciousness – where you are the eternal Creation of your Creator, where your Creator’s Love and Peace are flowing to You and through You, that no one can take from you because this is an eternal flow of God’s gift to You.

So, we have identified here a very significant point: If you are physically enduring discomfort [as a result of service to another] – any of you – then you have placed the limited self in the position of service too much. You need to change the way you do your work, so that what flows through you flows from the Eternal Self, the Eternal Creator which is giving to all. As you choose to receive this and open yourself to allow it to flow to another, you do it in a manner that is grounded, and because of that it cannot be that the dis-eased individual’s energies can flow back to you.

It would be like opening a faucet and water comes out. If it flows into a basin that is not clean, that clean water continues to flow. The water that is now unclean cannot flow up the stream of water flowing out of the spigot. See? You want to be the pure flowing energy that is passing through you because you have grounded yourself to be the true Child of God who can serve.

When one grounds them self,
they make the complete connection (so to say) with the expression of God in all of existence:
“All that I am is God. All that I give to others is God, the Creator, flowing through me.”

If you choose to allow your emotions, your mind to begin to interact with what is perceived to be the need, then immediately, immediately, step back, because mind and emotion will interchange and interact with mind and emotion. See? And these things will have an impact upon the physical body because you are choosing to open yourself, to allow them.

When you help one who is in need and you are grounded,
it is the Completeness of Self that comes to the need;
not the finite, not the emotion,
but the full grounded, Complete nature of who you are:

A Child of God.

[given Jul 15, ’16]