Posted Apr 09, ’16 – For one who is weary of living…?

Question: For one who is weary of living, how can the Promise give them a reason to live?


Lama Sing: A moment, please … We are seeking definition of this question.

Very well.

Weariness suggests, as we understand its definition, some form of fatigue. We also understand that weariness can be a state of being that is the reflection of what you call boredom. It is also, as we understand it, a reflection of that which is indicative of one who has not accomplished the goals or intentions that others have defined for them as righteous for them to attempt or accomplish.

The truth of this is, none of the above is correct.

Weariness is a facade, it is a veil imposed upon the spirit that is journeying in the Earth when that spirit is striving to accomplish in accord with outer reflections of what is intended to be rather than the inner light that is the Uniqueness of that soul.

If one is weary, as described in the question then, as you can, guide them to know their Uniqueness and to see this in the beauty only as it reflects in the Name of God. This, then, is the pathway to gain the understanding that joy is present in that uniqueness. The peace and joy of the Uniqueness within each of you is the same as the peace and joy that the Christ bears each of you―one and the same. See?

Wherever you are, whatever you are doing, pause if you are weary to look at what is it that is wearying you. Is it the burden of trying to be something that thou are not? It is not for you to struggle to attain the intentions of another but, rather, the intentions of God in the creative energy that is you within. Your Uniqueness is a beautiful gift, waiting to be offered to the world. How so? That is for you to decide. But only from the manner in which you are claiming that Uniqueness can you ever know what that gift is in the Truth of it.

The Promise cometh to bring light and lift you up, all of you, that you can, from that elevated position of energy and light, better know and claim yourselves in the Uniqueness as God sees and knows you always. When others about you reflect themselves to you in the joy and uniqueness of their being, this is uplifting to those who are wearied. And this we would encourage all to do. That that quality called weariness in the world called Earth, would be gifted, each step of the way with the beauty of your light, your Uniqueness, that you have the power to gift to the world every step of the way. This we would do and this is the answer, in truth, to the question.


Weariness is an illusion. Break the illusion by knowing that all that you seek is within, not without. And once you have found and claim this inner truth, your life will seem ― and in truth, be ― filled with the fruits of God’s gifts … manyfold and beautiful.

Awaken yourself. Do not dwell in the weariness, for that is the illusion. Truth is within you, all of you. See?


[given Mar 21, ’16]