Posted Apr 30, ’16 – The Three Most Important Things

Question: Lama Sing, would you be kind enough to list the three most important things you would advise us to do at this special time in the Earth plane? Thank you.


Lama Sing: Very well.

The first, we would suggest is to: Know Self.

For in the Knowing of Self, there comes the potential to be Free. In the Knowing of Self, there is the realization of the inner beauty, and the Knowing of that inner beauty brings one to the realization of Knowing God, not in the sense as one would know a distant being but as one would Know the very essence of life itself within Self. Knowing self gives one that capacity to See, and in the Seeing comes the ability to Know and Understand from the Light that is Uniqueness of Self.

The second would be: Believe.

Believe to the extent that you are what you believe within, that you do not wander about, gathering up this or that as an addendum to something that you think you believe. But rather, choose that which is the Truth within you, and believe unto that in your very life—your words, your deeds, your actions.

The third would be: Love.

Love yourself. Fill the inner cup with the Love that flows eternally from God as a gift to you. And give that forth in the beauty and power of your prayer and in the guidance that is ever received in the Stillness.

Oft be in joyful meditation and prayer, for these are the tools with which God’s work might be done. See?