Posted Apr 30, ’16 – Shadows, Change, and Light

[NOTE: While it has been our practice until recently to post excerpts of current readings, to help the messages be more easily digestible, this will make the third week in succession that we have decided to post the entire reading, feeling they just should not be broken up.

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that the entire first part of this reading was Lama Sing  speaking to those in the shadows. This portion has been indented.

Also, we apologize for the quality of “Lama Sing’s” voice in this reading. As they have said on other such occasion’s, “We seem to have an amphibian in the throat.”  ?]


LAMA SING: Yes, we have the Channel and his mate, and we are now one. Let us pause a moment and welcome those who are coming to gather up those souls who see the light of this journey. There are many.


Here is our call, Lord God, unto the faithful in all realms:

Look you, dear brethren, to see those who dwell just off a bit in the shadows. As they are experiencing the knowing of this meeting and the light that is calling to them, we ask that You reach out to them. And so we say unto all of you, dear brethren, in the light and the shadows both: Here are we, sons and daughters of the one God. We seek only to bring the joy and perfect nature of God’s love as an offering to you. This offering has no conditions, requires nothing but for you to choose it.

❀   ❀   ❀

The rising of consciousness, in and about the Earth, brings forth the opportunity for those who wish to perpetuate that which has been their way of being to so do, and as the beautiful gift of the energies of the Promise are brought forth greater and greater, you may use these to present the nature of your intent. So is it also to be known that we stand here as you do present such – your nature, your expectation, your call – equal to your energies do we stand before you, offering only God’s love and peace. This is not intended as an affront; nor is this to be, as such, combative. For we are Free and we know from our Freedom that you – all of you who are maintaining this energy of mass-thought and intent, are our beloved brothers and sisters.

While it may seem to some that we are communicating with a large thought-form, it is to be recognized that within this thought-form are all of you who subscribe to such thinking, such intentions. And as you seek to be in illusionary, in the perpetuation of a thought-form, we see you and we Know you. And in the Knowing of you, we can speak your name. So, in the eternal sense, Know this: You are our brothers and sisters. We honor your choice or choices, and we call forth from among you those who wish now the Freedom and joy of their rightful heritage as Children of God.

So those of the Light of the Brotherhood have surrounded the Earth with the intent to bring the Promise into the awareness of all those who have sought the shadows of illusion. As we seek to embrace the beauty of the realm called Earth, we seek to do so in the gentle love and kindness of brothers and sisters to each of you.

Some of you have hidden because you cannot face your past. Would you, then, sacrifice your future in order to cling to the illusion of what has been? We call these illusions because they do not endure unless you give light to them from your own spirit, that which is the very life within you, given by God.

If you have taken a life in a journey in the beauty of the Earth realm, let us give you life in the Freedom of God’s Word in the knowing that your actions have brought you to an understanding of the nature of Truth, the equating of violence versus love and compassion are meted out in finiteness. When you have released the physical body with which such actions have been perpetuated, do you believe that the actions live on? Do you believe that there is a court here in the beyond that awaits your arrival in order to judge you and punish you?

Several of our colleagues are coming forth to greet you with outstretched hands. Look at their hands and see what they bear for you. Yes, simple flowers. These flowers are the symbol of what lies beyond for you, for no matter what might be done to them, they endure. They endure because they are of God. They require no one to tend them. Their only desire is to be a source of joy for you. Will you accept them?

            One timidly comes before Zachary[i] and states, “I have taken many lives in the Earth, and you come to me offering me a flower?!”

            To which Zachary responds, “Not one flower, look you, but a flower for each life you have taken. For the beauty of the lives that were, that ended by your action, your hand, are like these flowers – they can never perish. They are eternal, and the beauty of these flowers are mere indicators of the beauty of their forgiveness of you.”

            The entity before Zachary looks upon the flowers held up by Zachary and, before his eyes, they multiply. For a moment, he begins to speak harshly, but the flowers continue to manifest. And we hear him speak, “How is such a thing possible? My intent has been, as you know, for I see that you have Knowing and that you are of the Light, and therefore, I do not attempt to pretend that you know me not. But why would you bring me flowers to symbolize those whose lives I have taken?”

            “Are they truly flowers?” Zachary responds gently. “Look again.”

            Each flower becomes a face, and each face expands to a form, and another, and another, all standing before this one.

            He looks to his left and right and with a gasp, we hear him say, “Oh, dear God in Heaven, what is it that I have done? Each of you is so very beautiful. How is it possible that I did not see your beauty but, rather, I let the darkness within me come forth to take your very lives from the Earth, when the beauty that I see now could have remained and gifted others, as I see as your only intent as you stand before me now?

            “I know that I have spoken the Name that I had said I would never speak, and I know that there is a Creator, a God, and that all of us must, in some way, come from this Source. But how, how am I to believe that all of you could possibly forgive me, much less, my God?”

            The entity looks from one to the other and slowly begins to turn to move away, and his arm is caught by the hand of a child. He looks down into her eyes and sees such a light of love and he feels within himself a great pain. He clutches at himself as though to rip the pain from his being, and she reaches up and places a small hand upon the center of his being, and he gasps aloud, falling to his knees, and she wraps her small arms about him, leaning her head against his.

            Finally, he lifts his head to look at her, and she says softly, “Come with me, please. I love you. Will you not come with me and we will be free? If you hold to your guilt, look here – it is connected to me. It does not burden me, you see? But where there is this connection between you and I could be the beauty of what you see as you look into my eyes. Could we not share this? Will you not, in this moment, forgive yourself, that we can journey to the kingdoms of our Father?”

            The moment is palpable. The man slowly reaches a withered hand up to touch the side of her face. “I know you, don’t I?”

            “Yes,” she nods, “and my family, and many others.”

            “Is there not one among you who holds a judgment against me? A bit of hatred?”

            Smiling, she shakes her head from side to side, “None. We are all, you see, free. But we are incomplete, in a curious way to you, no doubt … because you are not free.”

            The man scoops up the young maiden and they are face to face as he turns to look back towards Zachary and the others, and he sees only the warm smile of love on each face.

            Zachary comments, “We all understand what you have been told and what you have believed. But look, you what you hold in your arms: the reflection of God’s love, a love for you being offered to you in the sweetness of this child. And look you at all the others here. There is only the peaceful love for you.”

            The man pauses a bit to study each face carefully, weighing years of illusionary teachings that have been imposed upon him. Looking at the young maiden’s face, so close to his own, we hear him say, “I surrender myself to you, for I see you as truth and I feel your love somewhere inside me as I have known it in the past. Take me and do as you would. I surrender to you and the God that you love.”

            In a few moments time (as you measure it), the luminosity grows around the man and we can see the pain and sorrow, the guilt, and all of the anger and hatred with which he committed his actions in the Earth, melting away from him as though they were some illusionary substance that is now being transformed into something merely neutral.

            The man begins to glow from within as the maiden’s hand remains upon him. We watch them rise from the shadows to the Light and, as we do, we see the many other faces, illuminated by his accepting light. Many who have known him for long periods of time, who have dwelled with him in the shadows, are now moving forward.

And so brethren, reach out to them. Give to them that which they believe cannot be given to them: the innocence of forgiveness and love.

They are coming, more and more, for the Light is growing. And as the thought-forms of habit and fear and dominance amass themselves to oppose the Light, this is only serving to reflect it all the more, all the greater, and the illusion and the truth are increasing the energy of their presence. And as hatred is felt and known, it is gifted in response with love and forgiveness.

We have shared with you one story of a multitude before us, for those of our brethren who have come forward, and those who have been dwelling in and about the Earth seeking to help those who have denied their freedom, are all coming together more and more.


The energy of Love is a part of the rising confluence, as are all of the potential energies of Creation, itself, and this is because of the Promise, Itself. None have the greater potential than the Christ, and yet, He seeks only to give, not to take, not to command, not to dominate; but only to give. And so, you see, it is in the giving that the forces of darkness have no means of binding, for only that which is of its kind could be bound and the Light of the Christ, the giving, the offering of forgiveness, is not of their nature. Some are moving away, seeking to perpetuate their way of being that they believe in and is familiar to them. Some of those who are moving away do not do so because they seek to dominate, but moreso because it is familiar to them. But they will see your light, and they will know the light of the Promise.

As this cycle continues to reach its height, its highest point, then perhaps you will be one of those who will step forward and move into the realm of habit, of the mass-mind thought as it seeks to dominate, perpetuate; and that you might, as has been done here, reach out in the simplistic love of one of innocence to show that there is something far greater, far more beautiful, that is only a choice away.

In the attempts previously to block our Channel’s movement here[ii] they violated Universal Law[iii]. They did so knowingly, believing that they would be successful, and now they are broadly aware that they were not only not successful, but that the Law is acting. It is the living essence of Creation Itself. And so, they must face the Truth of their being. Those who were a part of this activity are already so doing. Some who were in the background encouraging, directing energy to them, have moved away very quickly.

Do not think of those in a sense as being evil anymore than you would think of a habit as being evil. The nature of choice is gifted by the utter Freedom of God in order that each one of His Children may come to understand and Know themselves and, by the nature of their choices, to know their potential and, ultimately, that they will find their way Home.

We have only love for them. And the darker their judgment is in the Earth based on their actions, the moreso are they loved here, for love is given where there is the need. There is never the absence of love, but where there is the need because of actions that have covered over the native love within each soul, this is where it is given greatly. Some of you have seen them and are seeing them. As you reach out to them, know that we are with you.

Now (in your time measure) is the opportunity to manifest the Promise from within yourselves outwardly to those who have lost their way or who have succumbed to the illusion. Be thou ever faithful unto the God within and bring this forth, borne to the forefront of you in all that you do in every journey, and you will feel the joy and excitement that our brother, the Channel and his mate, have felt so exuberantly in recent Earth days.

This will grow and spread, and many, many more will come because the Way is being opened for them, and the greater is their number, the moreso will the darkness be illuminated with love, not with an intent to usurp or destroy, but that it can be known in the truth of Creation, Itself.

Pause often to celebrate yourself as a beautiful expression of God, and as you do this your light will grow, not with a forbearance of arrogance or ego, but in the joy of knowing yourself to be His unique child, born to be a blessing unto all of Consciousness. And as you, members of the Circle in the Earth, and the other circles and other groups, do this, give to one another the gift of your Uniqueness and the openness of truly claiming who You are.

Now is the time for you to set aside that which limits you, that which is a habit which dims the beauty of who you truly are; to discontinue speaking words that have no gift to bear, but to hold the thought of a God so loving that you can see His presence in all those you meet in each day’s activities.

Again, pause a moment before slumber and upon awakening and remind yourself of who you are: a beautiful traveler in the realm of Earth, reflecting the beauty that is within you as a contribution to the beauty of the center of life called Earth, and it will respond to you and you will lift one another up. Those who come to you, asking in this same way, give to them, bearing before you the love of God, that this is the Source from which you give. It cannot be depleted. The greater you give from It, the moreso is it enlarged or growing within you and about you. You are the vessel from which God seeks to nourish those who are in need. Be generous with that which is within you, and you will know it can never be depleted.

All expressions in and about the realm of Earth, and indeed, the beautiful Earth itself, are responding to the heightening energies, and many changes lay ahead. If you keep the peace and beauty of your uniqueness to the forefront, you will meet such changes and such growth in an attitude and in the truth of the beauty of a Child of God.

The living Grace of the Christ is near upon you.


[given April 24, 2016]


[i] Zachary – An entity first introduced in the early 90’s in a Lama Sing/Al Miner work called “The Peter Project” (a series of more than 200 readings, currently being compiled into books).  Zachary has remained as an integral part of the Lama Sing group, offering adept insights lovingly and usually by incorpor­ating his unique brand of humor. He is also one of Al’s guides.

[ii] Attempt to block the Channel – In the reading 20160412 Al had difficulty “getting out”, several times remarking that the energy felt “strange”. Lama Sing also had difficulty at the beginning of the reading.

[iii] Violated Universal Law – Universal Law has a number of aspects to it. One is the assurance of one’s right of Free Will Choice within the domain in which they dwell. When one makes a choice from within their domain, or realm, it can only be given up by that one, which is also a choice of free will. This is a sacred Law of God. When the “Balancing Forces” (forces of darkness, shadow forces) attempted to block Al’s path of light, it was a violation of God’s Law.