Posted Apr 30, ’16 – Pebbles in My Shoe

Al: To have the opening prayer in the Message Posted Apr 30, ’16 – Shadows, Change, and Light be a call to those who dwell “just off a bit in the shadows” is extraordinary. We have known that the Light has been increasing, but this reading points to a reaction, an equal intensification, of “opposing forces”. Yet the reading underscores that those in the shadows are dearly loved brethren. Wonderful, isn’t it, that none are judged?

The reading states that the opposing forces attempted to violate my “rights” as a child of God. Also, incredulously, the shadowy forces did so knowing that, if they failed, they would face the balancing aspects of Universal Law. It is clearly indicated in the reading that these forces are experiencing that “balancing” even as I write this. I don’t know specifically what they are facing but since many who were sort of “egging them on” from a distance made a quick getaway, I suspect it has to do with those shadow forces having to “see” themselves and face their actions as the Light dispels the veils of illusion they have been existing under.

Since this attempt to block my path, I have noticed that my meditations are subtly different. There is a distinct vastness of peace and silence, greater than before. Maybe it was that those shadowy forces were like “background chatter” or “static” like what you find when you try to tune to a certain radio station. They  aren’t there anymore. Not around my path at any rate. Perhaps in time they might creep their way back to the periphery, but I seriously doubt that, since the more dominate of the shadowy forces now know what awaits them if they do.

I now realize how much “temptation” had been present as I made my way out to do a reading. The “static” is all the little thoughts, like invitations to leave your intent, to lure you off your path. You yourself have probably experienced this in your meditations, the wandering about and the effort it takes to return to the intent. For me, it was like having pebbles in my shoe that I learned to ignore, until it was finally emptied. They were the pebbles.

Even now, it’s still curious to me that they tried to deter me, knowing how many times I’ve crossed over and knowing the Light and power of those who often journey with me. This shows the determination, the heightening, if not desperation, in their abandonment of caution.

As I write this, I know they are aware. So I now turn to them and reiterate what the Lama Sing group has long told them:

You will not be destroyed by the Light. There will be no battle. There is only and ever will be the open-handed offering of forgiveness and love. As we, who dwell in body in finiteness remember our way to utter Freedom in this time of the Promise, you, too, have the same opportunity of Freedom awaiting you.

These lost sisters and brothers are lovingly held in our prayers. I hope you’ll join us.