Posted Apr 27, ’17 – Meditation Series: #6

The “O Wow!”

Keep It Simple
Al: There are so many techniques given from so many new sources and authorities these days that it can make the head swim, which is, of course, the opposite of what is conducive for achieving the level of meditation this series is about. My intent is to help you keep it simple, so simple, in fact, that your mind will get bored and  let your Spirit take over. Finite mind thinks, probes, assess, judges, wants things to make sense based on past experience and things it has learned; Spirit Knows, it needs nothing against which to equate, it is Free, it is open, it has no agenda, yet it is the power in your meditation, the ultimate Authority. (Get the idea of  simple?)

Finite v.s Infinite, Thinking vs. Being
In this series #3, I mentioned my “Friend.” I believe I’ve explained it before, but let me explain it in this context. There is the You that was borne of God to express and experience as some unique aspect of God for and with God. Let’s call this You your Spirit. At some point, You chose to express and experience in body, in definition, in limitation — think “GREAT BIG SPIRIT, itty-bitty form) called Earth. Let’s call this you the Friend. Most likely, as part of Your agreement for incarnating, You set aside the Conscious awareness of You. Even though it is You who holds the Authority over your expression/experience, you, the Friend, is in the process of remembering that Truth.

The Truth of Being: Your Christ Spirit
Your Friend has been gathering experiences all these years this lifetime to, ultimately, re-member your Truth of Being, at which point Spirit will begin to take over. Most often this happens at the point of physical “death”. This Knowing, this re-membering, this “O wow! O Wow! O wow!” moment (the final words uttered by Steve Jobs) is my intent for you in this series, so that you can have it now and build on it for the remainder of this life. This is the Christ Spirit in you that you are awakening in the kind of meditation I am sharing with you.

Let Go and Simply Be the Truth of You
For this kind of meditation, you will ultimately let go of steps, tools, tricks,  to leave the mind free and open to the ultimate “destination”, which isn’t a destination at all since the Christ Spirit is Centered right where you are. Thoughts, focusing on chakras, the third eye, vibration going up and down the spine, etc., etc., may, indeed, be interesting to explore in meditation. I’ll leave those steps and tools to those who are adept at them. I am adept at reaching Consciousness. I am adept at having (at least 10,000 times) what many who have had Near-death experiences return to share that brings them to tears every time they speak of it even decades later: the O wow! 

The “O Wow”
My intent in this series is to help you the touch the O wow such that you never forget It. It is the Sacred Silence. It is the Peace. It is the Love. It is the Christ Spirit.