Posted Apr 23, ’16 – Incoming Energies!


Al: I’m really excited about what’s happening, let me explain why.

As with any major shift in Consciousness, there are preceding energies that are the potential building blocks of the new.

And so the Promise is preceded by a growing influx of beautiful energies that are flowing from our Creator. Since their source is our Creator, these currently unfolding energies are neutral. Indeed we could say they are lovingly neutral, since to our Creator there is no “good or bad”.

In the recent readings and some of my personal experiences within those readings it has become evident that these beautiful incoming energies are actually also being used by the “mass-mind thought” that seeks to sustain the status quo, generally seeking to do all it can to avoid the change that is emerging in the sweet embrace and powerful potential of the Promise.

This is happening now!

Outwardly this could be confusing to some simply based on the fact that there is no equating involved. For example, the “negative” forces can use these energies just the same as the “positive” forces. The fact that these unlimited creative forces can be used equally is a classic illustration of the beauty of our Creator. Such things as guilt, fear, and other limiting uses of these energies have immediately present the balancing expressions of equal goodness that are capable of setting us free. All we need do is pause, go within, and claim them.

Again, this is happening now!

So, how about you? Are you excited?

If not, stop for a few minutes and open up. I believe you will find It enveloping you with such a sweet, gentle love that you may just start to giggle.