Posted Apr 23, ’16 – How do we prepare for the day of the Lord?

Question: How may we prepare to hasten the day of the Lord, to bring about Christ consciousness on the earth?


Lama Sing: In the sense that you ask this question you realize, of course, that the presence of the Christ is always there, awaiting you to reach out and accept; in the sense of this meaning to bring the coming of the Promise into the actualization of its being in the Earth (by your terminology,) all of this begins within self, each one.

The hastening of it would then mean that you are asking, How would I hasten this within self?

Begin immediately where you are, applying that which you know to apply, which is as to say, knowing always that you are His. And in each action, each word, each deed, that the thought goes before you: I am a son of God/a daughter of God. And then act or speak in accordance with that. This places that intent, that energy about you in the Earth, and the more that can do this the greater is the energy present.

The Promise is not that which seeks to vanquish, but rather, that which seeks to call forth, lovingly, the eternal nature of each soul, and knowing that this is God’s unique gift to each. It begins then, see, within self to know this. You cannot go forth and apply this in a sense of some action of strength or force, lest you become a part of that which is already present, seeking to dominate. See?

Awakening the Christ spirit within is the process of knowing Self to be an eternal creation of God. To know this is to dwell within, often beyond that which is or are the energies that are about the Earth in your daily activity, and to seek from the stillness that is within you, and to accept this in the knowing that just so as the Christ, called Jesus, has done so long ago before you. This we would do. See?