Posted Apr 02, ’16 – With such conflict now, can the Promise be fulfilled?

Question: With so much conflict and hatred in the Earth at this time, can the Promise and Prophecy be fulfilled now? Or is this the wrong way to view the Promise and the Prophecy


Lama Sing: What you describe is that which has been prophesied long ago, and more recently from here.

With these rising energies, it is, as the saying goes, God’s rain falls on all peoples. This energy is impacting all souls expressed in spirit form in a lifetime in the Earth, and elsewhere to be sure. The heightened energies bring forth those qualities which might otherwise lie latent, for for long periods of time, the energies, as they raise the hidden, and the beautiful and ugly alike (as you would define it), this is the purification process that has been prophesied.

The Promise is a light that is shining forth and growing with the passage of each day. This light is within you, each who might hear or know of these words. You can contribute to the coming of the Promise by letting this beauty – that is your unique light – shine forth. By merely being in the Earth, and sustaining the joy and peace of your uniqueness, do you contribute to the energies that are prevalent, that there would come to pass that time of interaction where the forces of opposition and the forces of truth will come to a point of balance. And then, the day will arrive when the Promise manifests. Perhaps not in the manner as some expect, and yet precisely in the manner as others expect. For those who bear the light and have been faithful will know Him. And those who are in opposition will know His light and will, in that moment of decision, need to choose which path they shall follow: whether it be to continue on a path of illusion, which (in your terms) would be everything you have described in the question above, or whether they would choose to release these intentions and find their own peace within. So doing is the only pathway that can truly set those who are in dis-ease and dis-harmony free, for all the attempts that are force-meeting-force, will only produce a prolonged reaction of same.

The meeting of force with the Peace and Love of the Christ gives the force nothing to oppose, no substance against which it can apply its hostilities. If anger is met with peacefulness it will pass the peaceful by and they will rise into the Kingdoms of God and into that land which reflects the beauty of who and what they are.

It is good that all in the Earth recognize in these times that the energies are continuing to heighten, and the apex (if you might like to call it such) is just ahead and will be sustained for a period of your time measure. During this, there will be continued shifts in Consciousness, and there will be the continued conflict between the forces that seek to dominate and those which are seeking freedom, until such a point where these will stand before one another without the ability to harm one another, and then shall the Promise appear and the choices will be made. See?

SUSAN: The period of time that you spoke of where this will be sustained, can you give us an approximation of our time? How long that might be?

LAMA SING: By how long do you mean how long will it endure, or how long before it occurs

SUSAN: Hmm… I’ll take the answer to both of those.

LAMA SING: This is not ours to define, but rather, this comes from God and those energies that are associated with this heightened time. For it is, in truth, a gift. See?

It is in motion presently, nearing the heightened point we described. We anticipate this, by your Earthly measure, to be in place for the next several Earth years approximate (underscoring approximate). You are the masters of this. You control it. It is the (might we call it) rapidity with which you apply these things – or not – that will determine both length and time of occurrence. See?

SUSAN: That we would apply the heightened consciousness in order that we become more and more familiar with in the pauses? Is this along the lines of what you are speaking of?

LAMA SING: Please restate your question.

SUSAN: You said that in this amount of time, it depends on how well we apply this. (I believe those were your words.) By “this”, are you saying apply the heightened consciousness by being more and more aware?

LAMA SING: That is correct, but the “this” is individual. The individual uniqueness within each as this is brought to the forefront. And as groups and masses recognize this in one another and welcome it, rather than rejecting it by comparative analysis that is external … See? When you can apply this, which is the claiming the uniqueness of one another in the spirit of joy and beauty and admiration, then you will have begun the process. In this manner. See?

We do not mean to imply that the heightened energies will dissipate in the sense of your nomenclature in the finite realm of Earth, where something flares up and then gradually fades away. These are energies that are eternal; they will not fade. They will rise up, and those who wish to be free may rise up upon them. And they will rise up in a manner that is difficult to describe, but let us (humorously) attempt to do so, nonetheless.

As you have a heat energy rising up from an asphalt highway, it rises up visibly from certain angles. And if you are in a lighter-than-air aircraft, or you are a creature of the air, a bird, you can ride these heightened energy centers higher and higher. It is likened unto that. The Earth is the reflecting level of consciousness where these energies are coming into focus in the present. And as the “reflection” (so to say) . . . the heightened reflections of these energies bursting forth from the Earth will lift up others who are willing.

And this is, in part, how the two realms were vacated (so to say); they were and are risen and set free due to their previous position.

Those who are in the Earth have the same opportunity. Those individuals who were lifted up and set free who were in finite form were and are (so to say) riding these energies, as you would see a bird circling and soaring higher and higher.