Posted Apr 17, ’16 – Heightening Energies


Al: Significant energy changes are occurring involving the Earth and realms adjacent to it. Many souls previously dwelling in the shadows are coming to the Light they see in the prayers and meditations of the faithful. Here are some recent experiences involving the Lama Sing readings that will provide some background clarity to that statement:

Several weeks ago at the beginning of a reading I found myself in the midst of a large number of luminous beings. They were positioned in beautiful tiers as one might imagine a massive choir. As the reading began, I was thrilled to be taken into the midst of the group. Susan and I talked about the wonder of this, realizing that something extraordinary was happening.

About a week after that as another reading was beginning, I looked back toward the Earth and saw a another magnificent sight. The luminous group of souls were now entirely surrounding the Earth. It was as though the Earth was a beautiful blue hub at the center of this beautiful circle of Light formed by these wondrous beings. It was a jaw-dropping experience.

Several days later I awoke early having had a dream of rows upon rows of grayish figures just standing there looking in my direction. I closed my eyes again and the same dream reappeared. There were skyscrapers here and there in their midst so I realized this was a city.

When the reading titled Across the Veils (dated April 12, 2016 began, almost immediately I felt resistance to my movement. After several minutes of experiencing this I asked Susan to give me a count and a suggestion that at the end of the count I would be with Lord Michael. She did and eventually the reading began –  but not without long pauses and disruptions throughout. We were told that many souls who had been trapped in the shadows are now trying to break free and as they saw the Path of Light created by the intent of the reading they came to it in great numbers, making it necessary to pause the reading here and there in order to serve them.

But along with these beautiful brothers and sisters seeking freedom there were other entities who had been striving to dominate or control these brethren for decades – and in some cases – centuries. They were trying to prevent those they had dominated from leaving their control. The exchanges of energies were dynamic and these are still building even now as the confluence of Spiritual energy is reaching its peak. Mass mind energies are challenging the Light of Freedom now being offered to all as “it” seeks to retain its followers.

This and much more is explained in the reading but for now, this excerpt from the reading sums up what we can do to help:

“…beginning a prayer for another who has asked of thee, be certain that, as you begin, you recognize and place your affirmation of oneness with God before you as you commence the prayer.”  – Lama Sing

We are in a great time of change for our World and each of us has the opportunity to contribute by sharing our uniquely beautiful energies to help a brother or sister find their way Home again. The above excerpt can be used all throughout the day’s activities to keep you balanced and available to those seeking their freedom.

Thank you for your good loving service!