Posted Apr 17, ’16 – Are Spiritual refs. of Spirit/Soul same as Lama Sing’s?

: Spiritual writings refer to Holy Spirit, higher self, and the soul. Lama Sing readings often refer to our spirit. Are these the same?


Lama Sing: The terms that you have stated are, dear sister, often used interchangeably by varying individuals and groups.

In the general sense, the soul would be the sum of the entity in the North American definition of same. In other realms, other lands, some call this the spirit.

We refer to the soul as that which is like the akasha for self and as such, then, the spirit is the energy that is moving forward from the uniqueness of God’s intent for you to be You. And spirit, then, would be the primary force (as we apply this) used for the definition of You.

You are spirit expressed in finite form, yet you are always spirit. And there is that which is the collective memory, so to say, of that spirit which is referred to as here, the soul/the soul records. See?