Posted Apr, 17, ’16 – Across the Veils


Lama Sing: Whensoever you are beginning a prayer for another who has asked of thee, be certain that, as you begin, you recognize and place your affirmation of oneness with God before you as you commence the prayer. And as you do so, you are ensuring that your prayer is a pathway of light that is not limited by those forces of mind or emotion or any such that is of the creation less than that of God. To do less than this risks the potential of depleting self or making self open or vulnerable to forces that would detour your intent or seek to imbalance you in some way.

This is an important point, for as the Master has given it, it is of His very Word that He encourages you to so do: It is the Father who doeth the work. And as one surrenders self and knows that Father and they are one, then the work is complete in the essence of its intent.

This should not be minimized.

When one begins to build a consciousness that is intending to receive such as we have given, the Promise, the building of that consciousness needs to recognize that there has been the precursive conditioning, events, and circumstances that had been a part of the life to that point (referring here, of course, to the life in the Earth). Then the preparation for this consciousness, realizing that it has these qualifiers (so to say) that are the unique aspects of the personality, knowing these, seeing them, grants one the potential power to place them (as they would) off to the side that the True Consciousness between self and self’s Spirit can move into oneness. From such a state of oneness, the path is open and the receipt of the Christ Spirit—as given, the Promise—is passable for that one.

Those who have the belief that life begins and ends with nothing before and nothing thereafter move through the journey of life with aspects of their sum, their total being, absent: and that is the criterion that is referred to as faith. Those who endure with joy and happiness have found the means to create the faith in and of their own Uniqueness. What is not realized in the time of that occurring is that they are drawing this from within, and it is within that dwells the Life given by the Creator. So (with a note of love and gentle humor) they believe. If they believe in themselves, they believe in their Creator or they would not Be.

The movement of consciousness across the Veils of Separateness is dependent upon the willingness of consciousness, that individual consciousness, to receive these veils not as barriers but as expressions of God. As the varying dimensions are passed through, and the veils of embrace by God are also encountered and passed through, there is the growing of an awareness of the eternal nature of Self to such a degree that all else falls into a proper position in what you would call the definition of Creation Itself.

If one finds themselves buffeted by a realm as they are passing through it, then the calling forth of that within is encouraged, for the inner Light can surpass anything that is surrounding or attempting to surround Self as you are moving.

The journey through the varying realms brings about a realization of the nature of the forms of creation that have gone before, and as these are recognized the growing awareness of Knowing is reawakened within that soul, that Child of God. And the moreso they move and the greater is the awakening, the more heightened is the potential to gain utter Freedom.

A journey into a finite expression such as life in Earth is not intended to be binding, limiting. It is merely a choice, and therefore the movement from that lifetime should be equally so; that which would prevent it from being equally so would be those things that are gathered in the journey of that lifetime that one clings to. These, then, are as burdens that prevent the movement, the lifting up (so to say), of the self in the manner with which that soul entered … perfect ease. See?

So as you look about your life in the current, pause a moment here or there—not to great depths but just a moment—to see yourself as you are reflected in your actions and thoughts, for these are the mirror of self that can be found in life. And as you look upon them and know them for what they are, you become the master over them. If you ignore these or accept them as what you would call the status quo (that which simply is), then you are surrendering your power to that which has become the definition of self in the Earth in the present.

Pause often to see yourself: How am I speaking? How am I acting? What are my thoughts that I am sending forth before myself in this day’s journey? Whether you acknowledge your faith in this or that (depending on which way you believe unto your Creator, given with loving humor here), you are still created and you still exist in the lifetime in which you now hear these words.

Remember, you chose to come into this lifetime. And from whence you have come, ultimately, is the Creative Force, the Creator. Therefore, that selfsame energy is that which gives you life. Each breath is an expression of that life.

Look at self in a manner that comes to be an attitude towards self that is loving and kind, that sees the reflections—the thoughts, the actions, the words, and anything else that might be adjudged as less than perfect—and love these, love them for the contrast that they will give to you if you are willing to see them.

If you choose not to see them, they continue to receive your life’s power, your life’s energy, and a continuum of their presence expands within you such that, as you prepare to depart from the Earth, these can be forces that might limit you from rising through this realm and the next, causing you to realize and to receive counsel from beautiful souls that it would be well to return in order to set yourselves free from those things which had become a part of you.

So let us make this as simplistic as possible:
You are a beautiful traveller. You have decided to travel to a place called Earth. You come into the Earth in a state of beauty and harmony. As you interact with the forces present in the realm of Earth and the mass-mind thought that is the collection of other entities such as yourself who have gone before or who are present, you can either see these and know them to be, quite simply, the choices of others and continue on through the journey as a good traveller observing, noting, learning, lending a hand here or there, but not taking these things that are found along the way unto self, not becoming a traveller burdened by things but remaining a traveller who is free. So that when the end of that journey as it was chosen has been reached, the movement is as beautifully straightforward as it was to enter, that you move across as though you were walking through a cloud of light and finding yourself in the wondrous embrace of the Creator once again.

The Promise is ever present, but it is (as we have given) growing in its opportunity and is near to the point of its maximum growth, its maximum potential as a gift to you. Remember, you began as a beautiful traveller leaving the embrace of your Creator, traveling a pathway with many creations and choices made by others. You can appreciate these, you can love them, you can bless them, but do not judge them and do not take them unto self—only the knowing. As you contemplate these words and these potentials, realize for self that you (as we gave) are the master over all these things. We would not say it to you were it not so, nor would the Master, the Christ, so say it.

When we have a heightening of energy confluence such as the coming of the Promise, the emotional energies (as they are called) in the Earth and all about it are accelerated. They are not accelerated in the sense that they go speeding off in this direction and that, but they are strengthened, accelerated, in their energy. This can be a gift to you, for you can rise up on these energies. If you see them with loving neutrality, then they are nourishing to you. But if you cling to one over here and a little bit to another over there, soon you will find yourself ladened with that which is not the perfection with which you entered, or depleted because your life energy is being used to nourish that which is a part of the illusion.

Think of someone who loves you without condition. Think of someone who would never judge you for the most vile act (as it is adjudged in the Earth). Think of someone who is always, always there to lift you up should you fall. Think of someone who will be with you all throughout this current journey. When you think of this someone in this way you are thinking of your Creator.

The very things we have spoken of for you to look at and to see as reflections are illusions. If you know them to be such, then they are powerless over you: a simple matter of turning to accept the love and forgiveness of your Creative Force, your God. But in order for you to do this, you must be willing to see what it is, see what you have allowed to be, know yourself. Not in months and months of self analysis or plunging to the depths of self to look for this or that which needs be released, but right where you are—today, this moment—turn to look to your Creator and see that reflection, which is You. Accept that all of these steps along the way will have been judged by others, will have been (in many cases) encouraged, coerced, called upon by others. Now is the time to rise up on the power and the beautiful energy of Creation to see your Self as the beautiful traveller heading for the destination of the purity and love of your Creator.

It is said that entities in the Earth, having journeyed therein and having reached a point of transition, meet that point of transition in diverse ways.

What can you do to assist them? Give to them that which assures them that they are free now. And realize that God’s gifts take many forms of expression in the realm of Earth, whether that be caring hands and loving hearts of those who are called among the medical community, the religious community, or any other variant of same. Do not cast off any opportunity that a soul in the process of departure can come to see themselves in the completeness of their being, that when they do see this and choose to release the present journey, they do so in the utter purity with which they have entered.

We have known souls, and we have stood beside them, holding out peace and forgiveness from God and yet they have clung to an illusion. And only upon the crossing over through the veil were they able to see this for what it is. Indeed, some even then cannot accept that it was an illusion and so they enter a state that is like reflection. And soon (by the measure of eternity) they will come to ask for assistance, and many will gather around to help them see what they could not. And as the realization becomes complete within them, they are given the choice to return and follow a similar pathway to set themselves free in the knowing of that freedom, or to simply move on and engage with those who can reflect it to them in realms beyond.

And so, we come to the point of our conclusion in this meeting with this same word once again: choices. The magnificent power of a single choice, one footstep upon the pathway made by a choice that is not in harmony with the ideal, changes the direction of an entire lifetime. Before you become too maudlin over that, remember, God’s Grace is yours always. If you will step back and engage the Silence within, you will be able to see this and revisit your choice and make another that is in harmony with your intent.

Whenever you are challenged, be faithful and reach within, and your Creator will give to you as needed. Make the choice, dear friends, to love yourselves.

We thank you for this opportunity to have been with you. Fare thee well for the present, dear brothers and sisters.