Posted Apr 19, ’17 – Meditation Series: #5

Being Aware

Exercise #1
AL: You may or may not in your meditations have been able to achieve Loving Neutrality yet to the extent that I have described it, but having Loving Neutrality as an intent in your heart is your key. You know it. God knows it. Those guiding you know it. And you believe all is of one accord in your intent to attain it.

So, having attained your state of peacefulness and relaxation, not fighting thoughts but just allowing them to drift on by, begin to focus now directly in front of you. Just keep your focus directly ahead. This, interestingly, creates a field of energy that is you. Thoughts and things can’t break through that because you are the power — your mind, your, spirit, your emotions — you have control over them, if you allow your Authority to assume that control (and assuming you have begun as outlined above with prayer, etc).

Very often, people are unaware of things that are happening or appearing in their meditation. Looking straight ahead, also interestingly enough, actually opens the field, broadens the awareness of experiences going on around and about. If you are perceiving darkness, then focus on the center point of the darkness in front of you. Sustain that focus until something changes, and it will change, I assure you… a spot of light, a symbol… Something will change.

After you have focused directly ahead for a time, even if you have received a symbol of some sort, expand your perception as though you are looking to the left, right, up, down, and perceive if there are any other indicators that could serve as the starting point for your journey. People I’ve guided often have said to me, “Im not getting anything.” I would say, “Yes you are. Look around. Turn your consciousness to the left. Now turn to the right.”  Most often, people would, very excitedly, perceive something they hadn’t before.

Be at peace with this first exercise. If it guides you to explore further in that session, by all means, go with it; if you feel it is time to “return”, then follow that guidance. When you have reached the conclusion, express your gratitude for what has been given to you prior to opening your eyes. Remain in that state of gratitude for as long as you feel guided to. Sometimes it is even in this state that the answer to your prayerful intent comes to you. Either way, it is a beautiful time to just Be with your Creator and those who love you, unseen.

Closing Comments
Once in awhile, I have found that I couldn’t get past “obstacles” to the extent that I was not able to find the Neutrality. When this happens, I stop trying. I get up, get something to drink, wash my hands and face, walk around little, step outside for a bit… things such as this. But as I do these, I’m continuing to look for a feeling of Neutrality. Remember, that is a key to journeying into Consciousness. Sometimes, though rare yet, I’m still not able to reach the feeling of complete Neutrality, so I set the reading/meditation aside for another time or even to the next day, knowing that the energies involved will have an opportunity to balance during that space.

Knowing ahead of the meditation, expecting, that you will get something is a powerful energy that helps make that happen and most often will guarantee what you would deem a success, an answer to your intent, something you do feel truly grateful for having experienced. It’s possible that it will be in a form that is not immediately understandable, like symbols in a dream.

Keeping Notes
Keep notes about your meditations: what your intent was, what your prayer was, review what appeared/did not appear. These notes can be very helpful in evidencing something to you that, upon review, you might otherwise have missed, and you can make a breakthrough based on that one point. So it’s good to keep a journal and look at these experiences from time to time. You will see that you are making progress when it sometimes may seem that you aren’t.

Questions Please
As this series progresses, I will continue with Lama Sing’s encouragement towards emphasizing the “simplicity, knowing the clear pathway, and moving out of the illusion into Consciousness and Oneness with the Master.”

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