Posted Apr 16, ’17 – Meditation Series: #4

Loving Neutrality

The Main State You Will Be Intending: Neutrality
Al: You will find (or have) steps of your own that work for you personally, and they may change over the course of your meditations. Similarly, some of the steps I use may work for you and some not. Even I don’t always follow all of these all the time.

But there is one step I insist on every time without fail. If you are seeking the level of meditation Lama Sing is encouraging me to share with you, this will become a definite step for you, as well: I look for the place of Neutrality. I have capitalized this because it is a Place of Sacredness.

What is Neutrality, How Do I Get There, How Will I Know
Whatever is going on in life around you, you have chosen to step back from; you are not a part of those goings on and they are not a part of you for the duration of this meditation. This is a state of neutrality. Meditation in and of itself is not necessarily sacred. It’s a quest for a state of inner peacefulness that, once attained, can be built upon towards a goal, an intent. If your quest is a spiritual one, and you are dedicated to your intent, you can accomplish holy experiences. Neutrality with a Sacred intention is what Lama Sing has asked me to share that makes my meditations/readings (and some others’, certainly) what Lama Sing considers to be unique enough and valuable enough to share. It is Loving Neutrality, to be more perfectly clear.

Having completed all the preliminary steps, I find myself seated (in my favorite position, eyes closed) surrounded by a feeling of peace. I focus on that peace in a way that you might focus on laughter – it stimulates me inside in a wonderful way. I focus on the Stillness and the beauty of its Silence, and, within but a few mere moments now (having done this thousands of times), I find that the peacefulness expands. Occasionally, some thought will come drifting by and, while I might perceive it, I easily let it continue to move beyond me, sustaining my peace and the Silence, which quickly then becomes Sacred. I call it Sacred because the Silence leads me to the presence of my Creator within me.

From the beauty of this Sacred Peace, the Sacred Silence seems to burst forth with love for me. As it does, I find myself moving very rapidly and joyfully into a deeper state of Oneness with God. Having that state of Oneness with God places me beyond all judgment; it puts me in a position of, just as the Father, loving all my brothers and sisters without any judgment for their choices. The longer I sustain this and the more often I experience it, the more real this state of being becomes for me. And it is the state of Loving Neutrality… to me, just the same as God. This takes nothing away from my reverence for God. To the contrary, it amplifies my reverence and brings me to a point of realizing that I and my Creator have always been one and always will be.

As I focus on that realization, I feel my “friend” being set free from all finite stuff, and I, in the form of my Spirit, move off into Consciousness with a joy that exudes laughter and song and a sense of awareness of how God perceives us and all that is. Ultimately, I am a part of God, and it is that part of God, the unique part that He created as me, that is able to get information from Consciousness without putting a personal judgment on it and without influencing it with my personal emotions.

And that is Loving Neutrality.