Posted Apr 09, ’16 – Life’s Lint


Al: We are normally embraced by a beautiful field of energy that is rather like a shield. This shield is comprised of our “life” energy, strengthened and directed by our mental/spiritual intent.

When we have set our intent for the day with sincerity, and perhaps offered prayers for our world and all within its embrace, the “energy shield” around us, our personal energy field, is very positively charged.

Even so, sometimes tiny fragments of negative energy can float around the periphery of our energy field and can sometimes stick. I think of these fragments as life’s “lint”, like lint on clothing. And just as you would brush that lint off of your clothes, it is a good idea to do the same with your personal energy field. Give it a good brushing here and there throughout the day.

The way you brush this “lint” off or clean your energy field is by taking time to renew the presence of your intent and even offer prayers to these tiny visitors, these errant energies. Praying for them surrounds them with positive energy and they can leave without sticking to someone else.

You’ll know when it’s time for such a cleanup when you suddenly realize that something is different about how you feel and think. Maybe you don’t feel as peaceful or happy as you were earlier.

The lint of life is a fact of life, it simply is. But you have the power to brush it off.