Posted Apr 09, ’16 – Spirit, Mind, and Emotion


Lama Sing: You are Spirit, which is eternal. You are mind, which is the good worker of Spirit interacting with the finite expression in any lifetime, such as your present one. And the agent that binds all of the works together in the finite is called emotion.

What is it, then, mind shall do with emotion, since mind is the master over the domain of self in the Earth? Shall mind give way when emotion calls to it to come, think and act in this manner? What is your thought on this question?

Mind is the instrument of Spirit, interacting between the eternal Self and the finite self as chosen to journey in the realm of Earth and in other realms of expression similar to this.

When Spirit is chosen as the pattern by which you intend to live, mind takes this intent and passes it along to the finite self. How does it do this, you might ask. Well, then, what are your thoughts on how mind does this?

Mind is the master of the finite self in Earth, endowed with the power of choice. As has been given, the power, the right of choice is perhaps God’s greatest gift to you. And when mind follows the intent that has been chosen, in harmony with its own Spirit, that is the directive that is given into the physical; that is the pattern that will supersede any tangible essences that would try to dislodge mind from its chosen path of intention.

Are there struggles? Are there challenges to be met in daily life, that mind, emotion, and the subconscious, responding to the intent of mind, become entangled with?

Yes. And these are the opportunities, gifts (if you will) given by God because of the right of choice … free will, you see, to experience the contrasts that are so evident in finite realms.

These contrasts can arise with such strength, such force of the familiar, so as to seem impenetrable, inalterable, and in dominion. Are any of these in dominion within you?

The force of opposition approaches you from the shadows, the recesses that might be borne (so to say) within the consciousness of self as a finite being in Earth. Challenge knows you because it is of you and of the finite realm in which you dwell. It knows you because you have gathered much of who you are from itself, from the finiteness. And thus it would seem, would it not, a straightforward matter for that which is to gather of itself and use this, knowing which areas of an individual, such as self, might be bearing a burden of some emotional challenge—remorse, regret, doubt, anger, and on and on.

And let us say that this entity in this example is quite well balanced, but challenge, opposition, the forces that intend to sustain the status quo(which is defined as limitation, in your terms), can add just a bit of energy unto an area that you are carrying even though you are presently balanced, and that extra energy tips the scales of the harmony that is within you, and of course, you are imbalanced.

You may know this and respond with those methodologies you know that work well for you. The forces of opposition also know these because they have been confronted by them in past. What would you do now in such an instance?


You are always the master of your domain, which is you. Limitation, opposition, challenge will seek to tip the tiny scales of any weakness that you might be carrying within. (And we use the term weakness in their prospective, not yours, for in truth, you have no weakness, only that which you allow. See?) You, then, knowing this, would respond by turning to “look (parenthetically) directly at a challenge.”

We said above challenge, opposition, and all that sort come from the shadows. If you look upon them, you bring your Light of Being unto them. And you have the right to do so because they are seeking to violate your right of freewill choice. As you bring your Light of Being—empowered by your meditations, your prayers, your claiming of the peace within—the Light of your Being illuminates the shadows, and that which was in opposition is immediately transformed and set free. For, you see, even that which is a challenge comes to you, seeking the power that it knows you have. Ultimately, the uniqueness of energy that is confined within a challenge, an opposition, the unique force of opposition, wishes its original state, given by God, which is Freedom. But just as you might dwell in the Earth in a form that is convinced that you are thus-and-such, so might this opposing force believe the same: that it is what it is defined to be.

Now then, what shall you do now that you know this opposing force and you have claimed your Light as a Child of God and looked upon it in the shadows? This is an act of benevolence. Such an act of benevolence is followed by the opportunity to receive equal in kind. Since you have placed your Light in the shadows of creation called finiteness, the Light which is eternal of Creation Itself properly can endow you with an abundance greater than that which you have given.

In order to receive this, there must be that pause of Spirit—in the midst of any such challenge, in the midst of having shined your light upon the very unique and specific challenge itself—to receive.

How is it possible to receive in the midst of the activities of challenge even though you have faced it? Isn’t there the tendency to feel as though you endured a battle? That you have passed through some (quote) “hardship” (end quote)?

Now is the time to affirm again and again in humble prayer and joyful claiming:

I (state your name) am a child of God. I face these energies in the Name of God as His own. I grant them their Freedom, that they are no longer bound to me by any hidden energies or choices. These, I now release.


And unto the Creation itself:

I receive from You the perfect image as God wishes me to be in place of that which was and is now departed, set Free by my will.

[given Mar 21, ’16]