Posted Apr 02, ’16 – They Set Themselves Free


[Note: We feel this reading is important enough that we are offering it nearly in its entirety here. It is a Q&A on how the two major upper realms as well as many individuals set themselves Free at the same time. It is based, as you will read, on an earlier reading, so we are offering that reading free for your reference. (We had some friends visiting from Germany who sat in on the reading.) While we know some will be thrilled with this information, we realize it may be considered by some to be “heady”. If you have questions, please feel free to ask.]

[Note, too, that this reading took place after the bombing in Brussels Mar 22, ’16. It is this event that is being used as an example in their comments below on violence and anger.]


SUSAN: The individuals who were in finiteness and set themselves free, did they know of one another? Did they work with one another consciously?

LAMA SING: Carefully looking at the words you’ve used. They worked with one another as you interact with others in the Earth on a daily basis moreso. See? But they did not work with one another at the same level of consciousness until they had, as given, the Aha! moment. See?

SUSAN: We are given many opportunities in these days of heightened conflict to come into the awareness of seeing a brother or a sister who may appear on the outside to be in opposition, to look into them to feel the kindredship. Even if the other does not see this but the one does, the one that is looking for this and Seeing . . . this one can continue rising on those “air currents”, so to say? It does not take two, in other words?

LAMA SING: That is correct. Truth is simply truth. When one individual finds truth, it will lift them up. When two individuals find Truth, the power is expanded considerably and the potential for freedom, in the literal sense of that, begins to manifest. See?

Good direction of question.

You are dealing with, primarily, the forces of opposition to the Pathway of Freedom. Those who oppose the Pathway to Freedom use the (quote) “ammunition” (end quote) of habit, and fear, and dominance, and the unknown, and all that sort to control others who have not found their truth.

In the two realms, these were both very beautiful. The subtle difference – which was the Veil of Separateness constructed of God’s love for both – was seen from each side to be unique in a manner that applied to each specific realm. See? In other words, one side of the Veil saw it this way and the other side saw it that way, and they thought the two to be divergent sufficient enough that they chose to dwell in one or the other because of choice.

When it came to pass that they met, not on a battlefield but in an exchange of understanding, they realized that that was all they were doing: looking at the same beautiful light of love flowing from God to them. Some saw this in a manner that was applied in a certain way unique to their group; others saw this similarly, unique to the application of their group (or understanding, if you prefer). But when they came together through an incident that occurred because of the heightened energies, they saw that this was the same love, the love of God for all of creation. And they looked upon one another and saw the beauty, each group saw the others’ beauty, and then they were bathed in the light of separateness to an extent that they realized what had happened. And their laughter brought about their Freedom because they realized that it was merely the perspective.

And so, it was cause for what the…? And so it became a manifestation of great joy. The joy was, and is, so complete and so perfect in its beauty, that both realms are freed into Consciousness, utterly.

Those who had lines of light to varying members of these two realms and were incarnated in the Earth were touched by this along the lines of light. And those who were touched by that energy, who were willing to claim their own freedom, were lifted up to the realization that they need not be bound by a temple of flesh, nor be separated from brothers and sisters by choice.

The beauty of this is, in the uniqueness of those (quote) “set Free” in the Earth realm, this Freedom is so complete that none of the buffers, veils, elementals, can dissuade them from a choice, because their choices are made from the perfect nature of their uniqueness within, nourished by their brethren who have gone on into Consciousness.

Is this much understandable?


LAMA SING: So then, they now have (you would call it) the power to sustain a form in the Earth, and yet be utterly free.


LAMA SING: Others of these have released their forms and are utterly free, but can move back into expression in the Earth as an act of grace in God’s name because they are in harmony with the perfection within them, which is God’s grace. See?

So, you might, some of you, think of these as walk-ins. The term doesn’t literally apply here but is close. They are not coming into sustain an incarnation but to do a work, to answer a call. See?)

SUSAN: Yes. So, returning to the thought of actually utilizing the “conflict”, the effects of conflict, that are all about many now in the Earth, and vicariously through the news for most everyone else, one could actually use the awareness of that conflict to reach higher and higher states of appreciation of the brothers and sisters within those seeming conflicts, to give them the lift into Freedom? Would this be a path?

LAMA SING: It is a path, yes. It is as Jesus spoke the words. See?

You’ve had many recent incidents in the Earth of violence (as you define violence), and isn’t it curious that there must be something that is – indeed, agreed – heinous … that this is considered violence, and yet to hold hatred within towards another is not? If one feels an anger towards another individual, is that not a violent act? Anger is generated from the one who holds it just as surely as a weapon is fired from them. The difference here is the anger has more power than the weapon.


LAMA SING: Anger is generated outward from its source in all directions and, generally speaking, does not dissipate. It is blended with other energies, and so it may seem dissipated, but it is only woven into the other energies (muted, if you would prefer by the presence of other energies). But like attracts, so the anger generated by one who is holding it … when this meets the anger similarly held by another, the energy is compounded. And so you have conflicts such as are presently occurring in the Earth. See?

Did we make that clear?

SUSAN: Very, very clear.

LAMA SING: When you look upon these conflicts it is good to see them with an attitude of love and compassion. And indeed, sorrow is not unwarranted here, for the one who perpetuates such an action is, indeed, in need of your prayer. For to perpetuate an action such as to create an explosive device intended to randomly harm others … well, how could you compare this to someone who is one of the victims who is holding only peace within?

Now if one of those victims is holding the Knowing of their Uniqueness and is claiming their uniqueness and allowing it to shine forth, they will choose in that moment whether to release their physical body and be in attendance to others who have not gained the Knowing of themselves, and guide them across the Veils of Separateness, nurture them, and preserve them from the opposing forces in the shadows.

They will be guided to the *Bridge of Light*, and others who come to join and serve from the angelic host and such as this, will be served by that one who is now crossing over in the truth of their Knowing of self. If they choose, in that moment, to remain, they will incur no injury in the midst of others who are.

SUSAN [to Karsten and Ernestine]: Have you two any questions?

KARSTEN: Those who gained freedom, did they prepare for this? And in which way?

LAMA SING: Are you asking how do they prepare?


LAMA SING: The preparation is a part of their daily life. These are those – and there have been a goodly number of them, incidentally – these are those who have seen and known themselves to be eternal creations of God, and they have chosen to move through life in a manner that holds this within as a light. They would be seen by others as “Oh, that’s a very good person, or a very lovely person.” They would be generating the light of truth and it would be reflected off of others. Each time it is reflected off of others it is amplified within the one who holds the Truth. See?

So, you want to find the truth within self and let it be a radiated force from you. The moreso it is reflected back to you, the greater is the acceleration of your own growth, and this is (as we are told) the majority of what has occurred … for the majority of individuals.

SUSAN: For those who are in countries, which I guess is the majority if not all countries now around the world, that are being impacted by overt change that often is not very welcome or … well, I don’t want to go into details. If these people who do know the truth … would it be that we would not focus on the changes that are occurring in our countries, but focus more and more on the Truth within and without? And in this way, we contribute to our riding the current and setting ourselves Free as well as others?

LAMA SING: Yes, but this does not mean to imply that knowing the Truth within requires silence without. The Master spoke the Truth and in the speaking of this, yes, He opposed the status quo, the mass-mind thought. In the knowing that this would occur, He and His followers prepared themselves. And in the preparation, the realization held at the forefront, was and is that life is eternal. To treasure the life in the physical body, or to treasure the physical body greater than the affirmation of your eternal nature, can make one vulnerable. See?

But it does not mean that you cannot speak Truth. All too often, those who know Truth and come to the forefront with it are countered with a greater number, but that is changing very rapidly. And the rising energies, the coming of the Promise, is the gift of the Truth. And those who are holding Truth now and sharing it with others will make the Way passable, that the Prince of Truth can enter upon such. Then shall the choice be made.

The prophecy describes the horsemen and all that is a part of this. (This is not necessarily idle, but it is not completely, as we perceive, that it will unfold.) Much of it is already in that manner. See?

We will be releasing the Channel soon. Do you have any final questions?

SUSAN: I think we have much to discuss and share from what’s been given. I have no further questions at this time. I feel that much has been clarified. Thank you, very much.

LAMA SING: We are honored to be with you, and you are welcome.

Do remember often the magnificent power of your choice, and do remember also that you are eternal. What you see in your world around you is the evolution of mass-mind thought continually perpetuating itself, building upon itself in a manner that perpetuates its intent. Mixed within this are the bearers of Truth and Peace.

And so, as the energies rise, soon to the completeness of their expression, these polarities will face one another and the course of action will be decided, determined, by those … by that meeting.

In the present, celebrate your uniqueness and see your lifetimes in the current Earth sojourn as opportunities to gain understanding and growth and to contribute to the glory of life itself, which is the breath of God upon all that is.

You are the master of self. All else that seeks to convince you otherwise is a part of the illusion.

Fare thee well, then, for the present, dear brothers and sisters.


*Bridge of Light* – “The Bridge of Light is the work of a group of souls in the Earth who chose to use their power as children of God to manifest a “Bridge” to span the realms of shadow between the Earth and the realms beyond. Universal Law was conformed to because the Bridge was built by the choice of the group from within in the Earth. Prior to this Bridge it was not uncommon for one to become lured off their path of light into Shadowlands, the Sea of Faces, lesser realms. Those leaving Earth in the process you call death who choose to use the Bridge move more or less unimpeded now, and they give of their energy in thankfulness. So the Bridge is expanded and brighter, extending further and further because of this continual flow of gifts.” -Lama Sing