The Sacred Silence and the Holy Spirit


Excerpt: When you are in your meditations and you pause in the Sacred Silence, speak to the Holy Spirit of God as One with you. In other words, speak as though you and the Spirit of God are in a state of Oneness within the Sacred Silence.


All throughout existence is the Spirit of God. And all throughout your being in this current time or previous times He, also, has been with you as He is now. This is emphasized here in this gathering for it is considered to be paramount in terms of a power that has been awakened within many of you. And so we are calling it forth from that Awakening, that you would join together in placing your intentions in peaceful harmony alongside, and with, the Holy Spirit of God.


This may seem to some to be of moderate significance; but it is, to the contrary, quite significant in the sense that your choices, as you give them to the Holy Spirit, unify you and the Holy Spirit in whatsoever works you choose to be about.

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