World and Religion – A Brief History [1984]


Excerpt: “At a point in consciousness wherein certain souls knew themselves and knew their nature, then these souls began the experimentation or the exercising of their will, this as a part of the evolvement of consciousness, not as an action errant or against God in any sense. But in order that the definition or the more finite expression of their effort, their will, might, through the accomplishment, give a greater clarity and, thusly, provide through the experiences a greater wisdom unto those seeking in this manner.


“So we find the formation of the Earth, its expression, its finiteness, a focal point of realms of expression vibrationally or energy-wise, coming together, so to say, within the spheres of expression called the solar system. These spheres, then, each having a vibrational frequency, so to say, an energy level, or a manifestation of matter. While many are, even as we speak, forming or evolving, certainly the Earth is no less than this upon an evolutionary movement or path.


“But in those Earth times wherein the souls first involved themselves as finite entities in the Earth, there were those experiences which were the literal creation of form, of matter, by expressing thought, by expressing will. This could be called the first millennium or millennia in the essence that we would define millennium, not in terms of just a geological age or a period of Earth years or time, but certainly in part to include these, but more importantly defined as a period of consciousness and evolvement, a period of growth. So the first millennia, then thought of as the experiencing and the participation of souls as individual entities, whether as such individuals or collective groupings matters little here.” –Lama Sing

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