The Woodworker – A Story [2012] FREE


Excerpt: He turned silently and walked to where the woodworker had been seated when they first saw him. Looking down at the tools, the Master smiled, and he reached within his inner garment and there was an oilcloth in which were his own tools, and he unwrapped this.


The woodworker was in great surprise, for these, he could see, were the tools of a master craftsman.


Then the Master easily swung His leg over the stool and began to work on the wood, now and then spinning the wheel, and here and there pausing to ask one of the Disciples to bring this or that … a bit of oil, that piece of stone over there that He might buff the finish a bit more, and to heat this bit of tool that he might burnish it.


And the woodworker watched in awe as the adeptness and swiftness of the Master’s slender long fingers worked the wood in ways that he had never seen before. And the time passed so swiftly none could realize that suddenly the work was complete, and the Master held it up and they all looked upon it, and several of the disciples began to laugh softly.


The woodworker came and walked around and bent this way and that to look at the majesty of the Master’s work.


The Master smiled and reached to hand the finished work to the woodworker.


Without realizing, the woodworker reached up with his injured hand to take the finished work and, with a start, he looked at his hand. And with his free arm, he held the work as he gently removed his arm from the sling.


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