The Power and Use of Prayer [1976]


Excerpt: In the study of any belief, in the practice of any religious attitude or mannerism, one will always find themselves brought to a point wherein some basic premise must be accepted by an innate force within. It has to be accepted on the basis of belief or an urge or some event that has transpired in your lifetimes, as they are consciously recalled, in order to build that force which allows thee to apply same in daily life. In many lands, by many peoples, this is referred to as prayer.


As one expresses their innermost thoughts, they are often shielded, they are often clouded, in one’s daily activity, though they should not be. And so from time to time when you, dear friends, set aside a part of your experience to speak with God, it is during this time that the full use of prayer should be realized and that the effectiveness of what you do is conscious to your mind.

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