The Path: A Project [2015]


Excerpt: “Freedom. Freedom is that state of Knowing wherefrom there are no boundaries, no limits, no definitions, save those which are willfully chosen.


“Freedom is known to varying degrees by the nature of the individuals who are seeking to know it. In some realms of expression, which are the choices of those Children of God – who are, by their divine nature, Free – those choices carry them into definition that is believed and loved and, therefore, it is. And it becomes that which confines them, for it is in the confining, which results in definition or form, that they engage in those activities that build understanding of the true depth and breadth of their Freedom.


“Freedom is not an illusive quality that is to be sought after. It is that which is already preserved within each soul, each brother and sister. Freedom is the nature involved in making choices. When a choice is made based upon conditioned response, or by the fortitude of the definition, the confined of life in a certain realm, or any variation of same, then, the Freedom involved is minimal to the confines, to the definition of the confines, wherein that daughter or son of God might be found.


“Finding the definition of Freedom from within a chosen experience becomes, oft times, challenging… not challenging in the sense that someone is confronting thee and preventing thee from attaining the knowing of Freedom but, rather, that your choice limits the concept, the believability (if you will) of your true nature of Freedom.”  –Lama Sing


NOTE: This project consists of 9 readings. Download/Print size is 91 pages

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